Clawhammer v1.0

Clawhammer for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by Bruno Gourdo

Clawhammer is a fast track with extreme elevation changes, tricky and banked curves
plus some straights to really put the hammer down!

It looks easy, but it’s hard to really master. And it offers very much driving fun. This track
is best driven with a powerful car, inferior machinery like WTCC cars may spoil the fun.

Credits :

Originally done by MadCowie for Nascar2003 and rFactor, this GTR2 version has many
new objects and textures, working flagmarshals, rain, etc. and night lighting.

Big thanks to these fine people, without them this track would be nothing:

MadCowie : Original version and permission to convert/ update the track for GTR2

Khan1670, the godfather of AIW editing : Initial conversion, AIW, general help
Patrick Ramirez : Amazing new cameras


Copy the whole Clawhammer folder from the zip with all its content to your

X:\GTR2\Locations\… directory.

Enjoy the races


Size: 33 MB
Version: 1.0
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