Coast v1.2

Coast for GTR2

Credits :

Original Version created by raceking
GTR2 Conversion and updates by motorgash9000 and sunalp2
GTR2 update v1.2 by BenMK1

Many thanks and my biggest respect to raceking (Rally Track, Dragon Rally, Dragon Road, Nordschleife All Road, Rally China, Chinese Grand Prix, Goldenport Motor Park & many others…)
for his great work (all masterpieces), and for give me permission for the conversion to GTR2.

Thanks to:

raceking (Coast)
gringosan (AIW)
CarreraGT (original Cams)
SimBin (GTR2)
SimGarage (3DSIMED)
racerm (Track Conversion Tutorial)
guitarmaen (AIW and CAM file Editor)
TICTOC & Gonzaga for the comments about cams 😉


End of Part 1


Part 2

I was in the middle of this conversion myself. I offered what I had done to motorgash9000 but he told me to upload mine and he would delete his. I think a collaborative effort is the way to go. So I have upgraded his track with what I had done.

From my version :

– Rain Reflections.
– Animated Marshals.
– Working Safety car.
– Working Start lights.
– Working Pit lights.
– Grid Walk.
– GTR2 style Lod and Maps

Version 1.2 – Updates by BenMK1 :

– New Skyboxi
– Groove now visible and small corrections
– Underground material integrated. When you go after a crash up in the sea, you can now return to the track.
– Light tower light rotating
– In gdb file set: Track Record = AI GT class 100% ~4:17 kph290

Extract to GTR2\GameData\Locations



Coast-GTR2 v1.2: new image loading + icon & Map

Thank you Sunalp2 for authorization

Neel Jani

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