Col de Joux Plane v1.0

Col de Joux Plane for GTR2

Original Richard Burns Rally stage converted to GTR2 by kuato.

The gmotor2 engine doesn’t fully support open ended tracks. See the details below on how the timers work for this track.

Col de Joux Plane (el. 1691 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Alps in Haute-Savoie, France, linking Morzine with Samoëns. The climb has been featured several times in the Tour de France cycling race.


* New conversion using original RBR models
* Fixed road mapping
* Rain reflections
* 12 car grid
* Added low-poly terrain to cover the gaps around sections that get rendered in mid sky
* Rally timer (Andrew Jon Godlewski’s method, modified to work on GTR2)


Camera fix: TICTOC
Loading Screens: Fiasco
Autumn textures: Geggo


– Use the standard layouts if you want to run a grid. (Custom Rules, Standing Start, 1 Lap)

– Use the “Rally” layouts for Online Rally events and Practice runs. The timer will begin as soon as you cross the start line.

– Time attack doesn’t work on open ended tracks tracks. As an alternative you can use the Rally timer in Practice (private) and launch from the Red Clock signs.

This is how to use the rally timer for online events:

//Start Area//

1. Yellow clock signs
2. Red clock signs
3. Start Line

Basically people get into their cars and form a queue. A rally master assigns launch times (every 30 secs or so). First car in the grid will be right behind the red clock signs (launch area).

The rest will be behind the yellow clock signs forming the queue. After the first car goes (timer starts as soon as you cross the start line), the next one will inch up to the red clock signs and wait to launch from there. By using this method people launch from approximately the same spot at an equal interval which spreads out the field and makes for a fair way to compare times.


Size: 73 MB
Version: 1.0
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