Daytona IS v2.51

Daytona IS for GTR2

Daytona International Speedway including Road and Oval Course

Credits :

Original Track created by James Burroughs for rFactor
GTR2 Conversion by RacerM

Track Infos from Wiki :

Daytona International Speedway is a race track in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. Since opening in 1959, it has been the home of the Daytona 500, the most prestigious race in NASCAR. In addition to NASCAR, the track also hosts races of ARCA, AMA Superbike, USCC, SCCA, and Motocross. The track features multiple layouts including the primary 2.5-mile (4.0 km) high-speed tri-oval, a 3.56-mile (5.73 km) sports car course, a 2.95-mile (4.75 km) motorcycle course, and a 1,320-foot (400 m) karting and motorcycle flat-track. The track’s 180-acre (73 ha) infield includes the 29-acre (12 ha) Lake Lloyd, which has hosted powerboat racing. The speedway is owned and operated by International Speedway Corporation.

Daytona International Speedway - Road Course.svg Daytona International Speedway.svg

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Virtual Track Infos :

First of all I want to acknowledge that this track was converted without permission from the original author Jason Burroughs. I have emailed him several times after talking to him initially but he has never given me a final answer on permission to convert to GTR2 and I have not heard back from him.

That being said this track was originally created by ISI for Rfactor as “Jacksonville”. Jason Burroughs, whom I have a great deal of respect for his talent remodeled the track entirely and created a new Jacksonville mimicing the Daytona track. His original readme in in this folder.

What I did :

– created the new Daytona Museum building, Grandstands, spectators the works.
– retextured all the adverts and signage to reflect a real and accurate Daytona Circuit
– added more tso, cars, people Ferris Wheel, fireworks.
– added crowdsounds and announcersounds to both tracks
– converted the tracks from Rfactor to GTR2
– fixed the lit at night problem, the tracks roads are now lit at night.

Version 2.51 – udpates on Daytona RC for the Rolex Daytona 24h 2006 Mod :

– adapted AIW, GDB and TRK files

(original files are stored in the “DaytonaRC\backup\…” folder if you want to set it back to default)

Installation :

If you are one of those fortunate few peasants who got the previous version of this track please totally delete that version and install this one. DO NOT OVERWRITE!

Detailed Credits :

Astonlola :
without him this track could not have been released, he fixed the timing and the AIW (which I am clueless on) and rain reflections. His tremendous work in these areas was invaluable and made this track drivable. Thank you AsTonLOLa!

Brabbham :
Immense help with the AIW

Khan1670 :
Also gave critical help with the AIW

Goresh :
He helped me with the starting lights (they gave me fixes!) and other matters on the track, thank you Goresh, your modding expertise has always been a Welcome gift!

He created the cams for both tracks!

They created the Ferris Wheel and the fireworks which I used from their tracks
without permission (they would have never given it anyway)

The Finish Line Forum: this is a forum of modders I belong to whoes infinite
superknowledge of modding has increased my own superpowers many times thanks guys!

Please heed this words :


I converted this track without permission from Jason Burroughs original work. The reason I did it, even though I really admire and like JB immensely is because his work was so great.

Once I converted the track successfully and drove it many hours with pleasure, I did not feel right keeping it too myself. I have read hundreds of threads over the years complaining of  GTR2 not having a proper Daytona RC and oval. I have seen many people trying to rehash old material to make one. My love for this track and for the community dictated that I bring the two together for the mutual appreciation and enjoyment. If Jason reads this I hope he understands.

This being said. If you have this track it was given to you as a matter of TRUST. This track is not to be distributed publically at all, this track is for private forum only, until JB has given me the permission to do so.

This track is for the private use of the people like you who I have given the link to or to private sites that I send it to. If I find out that a person wrongfully distributes this material you will not receive such gifts from me again. Please allow us to at least give Jason this amount of respect.

Thank you for downloading this track and please enjoy !



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Version: 2.51
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  1. TopKart

    Hi guys!

    Is someone here who can help to fix a problem of this track?
    I´m trying to make the 24H of Daytona but during the race, when the IA try to make a pit stop, the cars stop in the track, so close to the pit lane, many of them are hitting by others cars who are racing in the track line and suddenly the game crash.

    Anybody know´s how to fix it?


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