Diepholz 1987-1996 v1.0

Diepholz 1987-1996 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by ZWISS

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Diepholz Airfield Circuit was an auto racing circuit in the south-west of the town of Diepholz, Germany. It was a temporary circuit on a military airfield, which is still in use by the German military today.

Diepholz airfield circuit.svg

The full length of the runway was used as part of the circuit with a fast double chicane and the start/finish straight which included a temporary pit lane going down one side of the runway. There were no pit garages or permanent racing related buildings on site. Racing first took place at Diepholz in 1968, due to a lack of permanent circuits in Germany. Used mainly for Touring car racing, Diepholz was a regular venue on the calendar for the DTM series. When the DTM, then known as the FIA International Touring Car Championship, collapsed at the end of 1996, there was little use for the circuit.

The circuit was very similar to those at Burke Lakefront Airport and Edmonton City Centre Airport.

Gabriele Tarquini had a massive shunt in the 1996 DTMM race:


This track was made from scratch for rFActor by Tommy78.
He gave me permission to convert it to GTR2.
I tried to improve the textures and the road materials a bit.
I also did some work on the AIW to improve the way they handle the chicanes.


I reworked the AIW, redid all the corridors because the AI would cut all the chicanes.
The AI is fine now, but they will still cut the first corner at the start.
This does not happen with this AIW in rFactor, so GTR2 does handle these things slightly different than rFactor.

I have the same problem with Eurospeedway Lausitz, also only at the start.


– original track made by Tommy78 for rFactor
– GTR2 conversion and optimization by ZWISS
– GTR2 LODS by die_Locke & FrankyBB

Have Fun


Size: 22 MB
Version: 1.0
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