Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 1976 v1.0

Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 1976 for GTR2

Mod created by Speedster63
initial release : 21.08.2013

Car Infos from :

The Ferrari 308 GTB was first introduced in 1975, based on a slightly shortened platform borrowed from the 308 GT4. The latter car was an angular 2+2 designed by Marcello Gandini at Bertone – the same chap who penned the Lancia Stratos and Lamborghini Urraco.

The fact that Enzo Ferrari chose Bertone to style the GT4 rather than his usual friends at Pininfarina caused a few tempers to boil over – so Enzo hired a Pininfarina team headed by Leonardo Fioravanti to design the new 308 GTB, and this helped resolve tensions.

Pininfarina started with a blank slate, the only design restriction was the tubular steel frame chassis from the 308 GT4, which they reduced from 100.4 inches to 92 inches. The new 308 GTB used the same 2927cc DOHC (per bank) 90° V8, the same all-synchromesh 5-speed transmission, and the same clutch-type limited slip differential.

This new car would only be the second Ferrari production model with a mid-mounted V8, an engine configuration that would go on to be a popular engine type for the marque. It was mounted transversely to save space fore and aft, with an aluminium alloy block and heads to keep weight down. The European-version produces 255hp, and the export model makes 240hp due to more stringent US emissions restrictions.


Mod Infos :

The Ferrari is the next Vehicle in a Series that I from the Game RBR (Richard Burns Rally) have converted. The vehicle was built and Published by MokuMoku for RBR.

Thanks to the permission of MokuMoku, I have the car converted, revised in some points, supplemented with additional parts, and provided to be integrated into a cockpit GTL/GTR2. As for his Moku RBR Cars also offers templates for dowload, I had the only expand the new parts, which has facilitated a lot of work.

About the GenStrig some selections are possible. A GenString help you get in the car file of the car (look “CAR” Files). As my skills in Painting are not that good in the Ferrari 308 GTB Mod 4 Cars included. Thanks Template I hope for some great skin’s to the little Car. The Ferrari 308 GTB is in GTR2 associated in the Specialclass “FULL” ans my Class “Youngtimer-Race-Weekend”. The Ferrari 308 GTB is in GTLegends associated in the Class “GTC-TC-76”.

The tests are run in GTL/GTR2 well, there have been no problems. To “CTD” crashes, it is not come. But, still applies to the use of this mod at your own risk ! If you still find bugs, you can send me an info, or if you can, the error resolve themselves and inform others about the communities.

For use this car in other games : Conversions to other games are NOT permitted ! The Permission from MokuMoku was only given for a GTR2 / GTL Conversion to me, Speedster63.

Since it is on this car is a NON-COMMERCIAL mod, so there’s nothing I Earn, is a Commercial marketing of the mod and all possible conversions prohibited !

Have fun with the car and sorry for my bad english


Contact :

Speedster63 Blog



Size: 34 MB
Version: 1.0
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