Ford Mustang RTR-X 1969 v1.0

Ford Mustang RTR-X 1969 for GTR2

Mod created by SCCA 1981 and Scorpyo


Model – SMS
Sounds – Simbin
Physics – SCCA 1981
Conversion – SCCA 1981 to rFactor and Scorpyo from rFactor to GTR2
Skins – Quote from original rFactor Readme file…

Skin Credits

With out these guys you’d be stuck with lame skins.
Their work is what brings the mod to life.

pitstop25 aka Wayne Reed

Some small tweaks in GTR2 version – Scorpyo

Car Infos from :

The Ford Mustang RTR-X (Ready to Rock) is a heavily modified 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback constructed by Team Need for Speed and Vaughn Gittin Jr. in 2010. It was designed to compete in Drift motorsport and was first introduced in the 2010 SEMA Show.

The vehicle is powered by a 5.0L Coyote V8 engine and is equipped with a transmission from the 2011 Ford Mustang Boss 302 R1, an individual Kindler throttle body injection system and a MoTeC M800 ECU.

GTR2 Mod Infos :

Beast has arrived to GTR2 too ;o)

Jason thanks a lot for allowing me to use your mod as a base, and even more for great remapping and templates. Come back m8, we need you…

This Mod contains 25 different skins.

Permission :

If you want to do anything with this mod feel free to do it as both Jason and me don’t give a shit for permissions… ;o)


Size: 30,1 MB
Version: 1.0
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