Glencehill v2.1

Glencehill for GTR2

Track created by frasie

3,2 Km racetrack Scotland (fictional) for GTLegends – GTR2 – Race 07

Hi at all!

Here is my (newest) fictional racetrack located in old Scotland near the coast.
I have tested the track and i am satisfied.
I hope you enjoy it and have mutch fun by driving!

change-log :

Version 2.10 (02.12.2017) :

This should be the final version of Glencehill Scotish (fictional) racetrack.

Addet and changed some textures, like grass road billboards ecc.
Flags and birds now animated. some more lights at night.
Added the missing sounds in track, like crowd and speaker sounds.
New Lodscreen for GTL!

I hope you like the update and have Fun by driving!

Version 2.00 (01.11.2014) :

– reworked and changed some textures
– added new treewalls
– fixed animated marshalls orientation
– AIW fix for GTL&Race07 by R8Gordini
– Rainreflections for GTR2 & Race07 by R8Gordini
– New Lod screen for GTR2 by FrankyBB

AIW fix v1.00 for GTR2 by BenMK1 :

– AIW: better AI speed in curves
– AIW: groove higher value and 2 breakpoints corrected
– gdb: new value for Grip and Qualify-/Race Laptime (AI GT class 100%, speed now ~1:23)

My personal thanks goes to R8 Gordini (TOM) and to BenMK1 for the help and interesting to make Glencehill better ! Thanks to FrankyBB for his GTR2 Lodscreen ! Many thanks Guys ! Und Danke Jungs !

Version 1.00

– 36 Cars running
– Aiw Cars not bad, but Im waiting for the great fix by Tom R8 Gordini.


Extrackt the .rar file and copy the Glencehill folder, paste it to your Gamedata\Location directory and go drive!

(if you have the older Version installed, better delete the HAT file from: UserData/LOG/HAT folder first. ,,Not for Race 07” )




Size: 68 MB
Version: 2.1
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