Halle-Saale-Schleife v2.05

Halle-Saale-Schleife for GTR2

Track created by Andre F1-Edition

Track Infos from Wiki :

In 1950, his initial ideas suggested in Halle Motorsport Association (MSG Halle e.V.), to allow the racing to the city. It was decided that a motorcycle and Auto Racing appropriate route west to create the next Pei├čnitz. Has a budget of 135,000 East Mark on 26 March 1950 set the groundbreaking ceremony. On the 10th June was the track be completed. A total of 1.2 km were built new route and moved over 4,000 tons a building material. On 25 June 1950 were denied the opening race. The first winner was the Zwickau Eckart Krumpholz on IFA-DKW over the motorcycles to 125 ccm. On the 10th October 1954, in Interior of the track played a grass track racing. The grass runway was displaced in the sixties from the construction the ice sports hall. On 23 April 1967 the 22nd and committed for the next 43 years the time being last weekend at the Halle-Saale-Schleife, as a result of the rapid growth of Halle-Neustadt, no more motor sports events were possible.

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Now drive a lap on this track: After start/finish you drive on a long bend, the “Erkelenzer Gerade”, to the “Gladbacher Kurve”, a sharp left curve through the village Beeck. While in the middle, you cross the main road between Erkelenz and Roermond for the first time. This curve leads to a long straight, the “Rheydter Gerade”. At about the middle you climb a few meters to pass a traintrack. Afterwards, the village Dorp welcomes you with a left curve. Top speed of formula one racer exceeds on 200 mph here. Now you cross the main road from Erkelenz to Roermond for the second time. After a short straight you enter the “Roermonder Kurve”. This is a very popular area for spectators. Within there you cross the traintrack again, this time above you. After the “Roermonder Kurve” you drive through the county town Wegberg. The last left turn leads to the start/finish line.
The five chicanes for the 79′ track layout was placed before the “Galdbacher Kurve”, before the “Rheydter Gerade” and at the end of the forest, the village Dorp and Wegberg.

All parts of the original route of 1967 still exist today and serve the public traffic. Start and finish of the 5.267 km long track was until 1967 Gimritzer Damm, which was a legend of concrete straight. It was driven from there towards “S├╝dkurve”, from which it went on the Pei├čnitzgel├Ąnde. After conduct of such long turn “Kurve der Jugend” and following a straight line it was on the fast turn “Weinbergkurve” on the “Weinbergweg” towards Kr├Âllwitz. After a 90-degree left turn, “Nordkurve”, the track went to the Hubertusplatz this hairpin bend was called “Hubertuskehre” or “Friedensring”. From there we went over two kilometers almost full throttle on the Heideallee and start and finish to the S├╝dkurve.

Construction workers of the track for GT Legends:

Objects and/or textures from Virtua_LM team, CY-33, Thomas L├Ąchele, Philcout and TheSky, Martin-Luther-University Halle Wittenberg by Christian Dette – Christian Kubat – Elard H├╝bner, MotorFX and Com8 and everyone else that helped me with advice and assistance.


How could it be otherwise, even here is a problem. At night some clipping on the track with the front headlights.


I have tried to recreate the concrete straight with just slight “bumps” because of the AIs are the “bumps” only hinted at.

Test computer:

The race track was tested and developed on an standard PC with AMD Phenom II 3.2GHz with GeForce GTS 450 at a resolution of 1024 * 768. The field was limited to 30 cars, which is for the start field the maximum.


Please unpack the ZIP file into the GTR2 target directory or rather copy.


SimBin Studios for the great racing sim GTR2.
Dave Noonan for 3DSIMED.


I’d developed the race track for GP Legends and I expanded visually and technically for GTR2. The download is only permitted on the websites of altbierbude.de and nogripracing.com, should be the path where to download differently, notify me. (download allowed at pilsbierbude.de). Please ask whenever changes are made.


LOD GTR2 Style by die_Locke & FrankyBB


(c) May 2012


Size: 64 MB
Version: 2.05
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