Haki Forest v1.0

Haki Forest for GTR2

Track created by Phil Blunt for :
rfactor, GTR2, GTL, Race07, GTR Evo and Race On


Haki Forest pronounced “hay – kee” is a fictional race course set within the vast forests of japan and spans a total of 3.19 km. the track its self features 36 Garage spots, 11 corners and 1 layout. challenges include fast swooping corners, a bank curve and some cambered S’s.

The course layout itself is quite fast and easy to learn but with loads of time for the camber mastering risk taking wall shaving drivers. my current PB stands at 1:07.4 in a Mitsu Evo (around 460bhp).

Version differences:

rfactor, dynamic shadows, no shadows option included.
GTR2/EVO, Rain reflections


Phil Blunt – models, textures, Concept, design, build, beta tester
SimBin – models, textures, game
ISI – models, textures, game
Codemasters – models, textures
jay666 – gb xpack
BTB Piddy – tool
3dsimed dave noonan – tool
Kyzar – beta tester

Licence :

this media is free to download.
you must own a genuine copy of one the above games to use.
you are not allowed to edit, copy, convert or change any part of this media.
i accept no responsibility for any loss of data of damages, directly or in directly related to use of this media.
you may provide download mirrors only if a download counter is present.
this read-me may not be deleted and must be included in any mirrors.
without written consent this media may not be included in any database or be used in any way by services where a fee has been charged.
(C)&(P) This Compilation, All Rights Reserved.

contact: philbluntdev@hotmail.co.uk


Size: 41 MB
Version: 1.0
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