Honda S800 1969 LHD v1.1

Honda S800 1969 LHD for GTR2

Mod updated by rgeys


Please just know i did not make this mod, i just remodded it (can we say that?) in a LHD version, mirroring and moving gmt and tex…

credits to “Vitsecond” who made the RHD mod for rFactor and converted it to GTR2 (RHD) and post it on a japanese site.

Car Infos from Wiki :

The S800 is a sports car from Honda. Introduced at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, the S800 would replace the successful Honda S600 as the company’s image car and would compete with the Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire and Fiat 850 Spider.

Like the S600, it was available as either a coupe or roadster and continued the advanced technology of its predecessors. The 791 cc straight-4 engine produced 70 hp (52 kW) at 8000 rpm, thus making this Honda’s first 100 mph (160 km/h) automobile, but still allowing for 35 mpg (6.7 L/100 km). In April 1967 the car was described as the fastest production 1-litre car in the world thanks to its high revving engine (up to 10,000 rpm) and the manufacturer’s history of manufacturing powerful relatively low capacity motor-cycle engines.

Early examples continued to use the chain drive and independent suspension in the rear. 752 roadsters and 242 coupés were then produced. After that Honda switched to a conventional drive-shaft, live axle rear end with four radius rods and a Panhard rod. 604 roadsters and 69 coupes were built with this setup before disc brakes replaced the front drums.

In 1967, the S800 became available in Britain. By this time the model had the more conventional drive layout as stated above, with predictable handling and a firm ride. It was also cheaper than the Mini Cooper and Triumph Spitfire, in Britain.

In February 1968, the S800M (aka S800MK2) was introduced with flush mounted interior door handles, side marker lights outside, dual-circuit brakes, lean burn carburetion under the bonnet and safety glass. These changes were made for the American market, but the car was never imported there officially. Production ended in May 1970 with 11,536 S800s produced. Honda did not manufacture another S roadster for nearly thirty years until the release of the S2000 for the 2000 model year.

Mod-Infos :

Hello guys,

This is the LHD version of Honda S800 150HP.

Thanks, too for the advice some members gave me which help me solve the problems i encountered. so i mirrored and moved gmt and tex to have a LHD and changed the driver’ position in each of the 24 car files. a top speed of 210 Km/h, very easy to drive but sensitive…in fact the first and second RHD versions were all taking off at the first bend in that case the easiest way to correct this is to to lower the AIgrip in the tyre file. and you keep a car funny to drive!

as you can see, i had to flip the tex of the dashboard, i could not as i did with the 2cv have a correct one…but it works that way like in a jaguar if i remember well. I change the tach and speed tga to fit to the new values. I got rid of the 70, 100 and 120 hp classes to manage to have single skins with all of them 150 hp, which is i think just a little bit upper than reality. Now you can have 24 different cars 150hp…

Classes are “S800” for all cars and also “my” for the Bordeaux (yes i know, i’m a little “chauvin”)

Please you’ll have to delete the previous version of honda s800.

Have fun!

à bientôt de Gironde, Aquitaine du bord du fleuve Dordogne…

updates by SiGi for (Oktober 2016) :

– improved .car file values (motec, seat, feed, camera positions, outfits etc…)
– added new MoTeC Display / Laptimer
– added new, better fitting sounds

good entertainment


Size: 13 MB
Version: 1.1
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