Huachalalume v1.01

Huachalalume for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by der Dumeklemmer

Track Infos :

The Autódromo Juvenal Jeraldo or Autódromo de Huachalalume is a permanent ciruit located in the homonymous Huachalalume ranch, 15km south of the La Serena, Coquimbo Region, Chile. This track host amateur and pro racing, the main events being the Formula 3 and TC2000.

It was build from the scratch for rFactor by MrOblongo.

He kindly gave me his permission to convert this beautiful track to our favorite SimBin SIMs.
A very BIG “Thank you so much” for this kind offer!

– My biggest respect for his fantastic work –

Pls. notice the original rF-Release Notes in this archive.

We’re offering the result of all our working hours to all of you free of charge but we ask for one single fee from your side:

Pls. give a little respect to all these working hours all of us spend for free for your entertainment!
This project is a “take it as it is, or leave it”-release, pls. see EULA for more detailed information.


– Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight
– animated Marshals
– rain reflections
– Full featured GTR2 AIW for 40 cars


– MrOblongo for his original rF version
– lemax for his great skybox
– FrankyBB & dieLocke for LODs


– DutchDevil for getting me started in conversion issues
– MotorfX and Greybrad for their kind AIW guidance
– Dumeklemmerin for her patience and understanding.

..and all the guys I’m in contact due to conversion issues.


– none


V1.01 – 2012-11-07 :
– fixed grid positions

V1.0 – 2012-11-06 :
– initial GTR2 version

Have fun,
der Dumeklemmer


Size: 30 MB
Version: 1.01
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