Indalo Circuit – El Viejo Anillo v1.0

Indalo Circuit – El Viejo Anillo for GTR2

Indalo Circuit – El Viejo Anillo Norte del Indalo, Spain

RL-Date : 15/8/2020


Original track created by R. Ocana for rFactor
GTR2 Conversion and graphic updates by VeroNC,
fixed and enhanced by BillBro.

Description :

I started this conversion, my first (and last) from rFactor, a few years ago; every now and then I went back
to it but there was always something wrong: Bill quickly solved the problem, something about grass seems to me.

includes 4 layouts :

– Cup Version (8,8 KM)
– Grand Prix Version (4,4 KM)
– Inside Course (1,5 KM)
– Short Version (6,7 KM)

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and drop the
track-folder into your GTR2GameDataLocations…directory – done.

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.




Size: 83,5 MB
Version: 1.0
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  1. joeschmoe

    Looks like a nice one, Thank You!

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