Kassel-Calden Airfield 1976 v1.0

Kassel-Calden Airfield 1976 for GTR2

build from scratch for GTR2 by bierbuden.de

Track History :

The airfield Kassel-Calden is a commercial airport in north of hesse, germany. It was first opend in 1970. It has two runways in 04/22 direction. The bigger one (1500m/1640yards long and 30m/32yards wide) is asphalted, the smaller one (700m/765yards) has a gras surface. It replaced the Airport Kassel-Waldau, wich was used until 1970. Beside small airliners, helicopters and small cargo planes it is used by sports-and amateur pilots.

Close after it was opend the layout of the airfield was found usefull as a circuit. So between 1971 and 1988 the air traffic was stoped for a few days and variouse Car- and motorcycle races were held on the flat runways. This kind of temporary racing track was known from other (mainly british) airfields and soon called ‘flugplatzrennen’ in germany, too. For years the DRM (German Racingsports championship), the european Forumla 3 and many other national- and international raceseries (Cars, Motocycles and sidecars) were hosted in Kassel.

The starting lists read like an abstract of the ‘Who is Who’ of the international motorsports and dispite the short and easy lap the teams also brought extrem cars to Calden like the Porsches 917/10, 935 and the Turbos of Ford and BWM. (Source Wikipedia und research-racing.de)

For reasons unknown and assumption with no sense, the race history of Kassel is pretended never to be happend. Not much reminds in the races that happend here once. Fotos and starters lists are rar and incomplete. Because of that our virtual version has some gaps, too. The layout matches the one of 1980 used in F2, since we got the best circuit plan of that year. But it is believed that it was not changend (much) the years before. Since the track was made for GT-Legends the rest of the secnery is made to look more mid 70th like, because the GTL cars fit in
there, better. Buildings and terrain are authentic reproduced from (a few) old and new pictures and visits to the site. The adds and details of the pits (but not the position) should lack more originality. Fanciers of the race and/or the airport will notic many inaccurate details that arose from the fantasy of the 3D/2D artist.

To preserve the 70th atmosphere we tryed to create here and for mor fun, we advise to run the track with vintage cars only. New cars tend to be boring and look strange, here.

Anyways, we hope you have loads of fun with our ‘Flugplatzrennen’


V1.0 27.10.2011

Install :

To install extract the Kassel_Calden.rar file to you GTR2 Folder. No original will get lost. Indemnity against liability for damage caused by installation.

Terms of Use / Disclaimer :

Please do not change, convert or reuse the the files without permission of the manufacturers. Have respect for our work! To request reuse or changes of 3D/2D object in other tracks with classic setting or hosting of the track on yur website you can contact CY-33 via nogrip.com, gtr4u.de or altbierbude.de (we understand english and german language).

Please include this readme in all copys of the track and do not remove the names of the original authors of any of the files.

Thanks and Credits:

AI, Game Integration GTL: GTI-Heizer, derDumeklemmer
AI, Game Integration GTR2: GTI-Heizer
Models, Textures: CY-33, Simbin
LOD, Map: die_Locke & FrankyBB
AIW Update by Dikl

All wifes and girlfriends: You know what…

Thanks to everyone who provided pictures and storys (online and real live) about the race that helped us making the track.

Weiterer Dank geht an das GTR4u- Team und das Bierbuden.de- Team, ohne deren Plattformen der Ideentransfer nicht möglich wäre und den GT- Legends Machern, die mit ihrem Stück Software eine einzigartige Basis für dieses Add-on geschaffen haben. Ausserdem dank an alle Bands deren Musik ich bei der Arbeit gehört hab und allen Freunden, die mich dabei ertragen müssen.

Wir danken euch allen!

Viel Spass und viele gute Rennen
wünschen bierbuden.de
/CY-33 (06.10.2011)


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Version: 1.0
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