Koenigsegg CCX v1.0

Koenigsegg CCX for GTR2

This car was build from scratch by TRC (BullDog13)


3D Modeling, GFX Work and Physics by TRC (BullDog13)
Sounds : SimBin

used Tools :

* 3DSimED
* ZModeler
* Photoshop
* GEditor

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Koenigsegg CCX is a mid-engined sports car manufactured by Swedish automotive manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The project began with the aim of making a global car, designed and engineered to comply with global safety and environment regulations, particularly to enter the United States car market. To sell cars in the US many alterations were made to the design of the CCR; the previously used Ford Modular engine was replaced by an in-house developed Koenigsegg engine designed to run on 91 octane fuel, readily available in the United States, and to meet the Californian emission standards.

The name CCX is an abbreviation for Competition Coupé X, the X commemorating the 10th anniversary (X being the Roman numeral for ten) of the completion and test drive of the first CC prototype in 1996.

Install Instructions :

1) extract the mod-file with WinRAR or else
2) copy the GameData folder and paste it into your GTR2 main-directory (for example X:\GTR2)
3) allow to overwrite the existing GameData with “YES ALL”
4) done.

– there will be no original GTR2 files overwritten
– there should be no conflicts with other mods / cars

you will find the car in the FIA GT 2003-2004 class

njoy !

Terms of Use & Contact :

This mod is not an official Simbin Product / Addon.

This mod was build for private entertainment only, therefore it’s not allowed to use or offer this mod/cars in any kind of ways for commercial purposes.

It’s not allowed to use, convert or publish files / contents from this mod in other projects without our explicit permission.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Use it at your own risk – we assume no liability for possible damages.

Only the following websites are allowed to offer the TRC Königsegg CCX :

TRC – Official Author Website




Size: 31 MB
Version: 1.0
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