Marcos Mantara LM600 v1.1

Marcos Mantara LM600 for GTR2

inclusive Templates and X-Files

Credits :

3D model: BorekS (Tibor Stilz,
Car physics: milleniumfreak (Roy Curfs,
Sounds: Thinlane T (Rick Schoenmaker,
Textures: Wix (Wim Bries, + BSR Team members
Mistery and Sjokkel, BorekS

Car Infos from Wikipedia :

In October 1993 Marcos unveiled its new competition car and announced a return to GT racing, including Le Mans. Based on the Mantara, the cars were designated LM400, LM500 and LM600. After some successes in the British GT championship in 1994, Marcos won it in 1995, 1996 and 2000. Two cars also competed at Le Mans in 1995. Both suffered electrical faults, one retiring and the other (driven by David Leslie, François Migault, and Jem Marsh’s son Chris) finishing second to last, having completed 114 laps fewer than the winning McLaren F1 GTR as its electrical problem stranded it on the Mulsanne Straight for two hours soon after the start.

1998 saw the launch of the Dunlop-sponsored Mantis Challenge, a one-make race series for the coupé version of the Mantis road car with a dry-sump version of its 4.6 litre quad-cam Ford Modular V8 engine. Complete with FIA roll-cage the cars weighed 950 kg. Entries were few in 1998, and the cars were accepted for the Prvilege GT series as GT2, and the French GT series as GT3, winning one of the races in France. In 1999 the field was stronger, and the Dutch Mantis Challenge was also strong, and some races combined both. The 1999 UK series was won by Edward Horner, and the Dutch series by Robert Knook.[12]

38 Mantis Challenge cars were built, but the series did not continue beyond 1999, after the GT Championship introduced the GT3 class. Many are still raced, including in the British Endurance Championship (Britcar), and at least one has been converted for road use.

In 2000, the Marcos racing business was sold to longtime GT sponsor Eurotech, a Dutch engineering firm. By that time, all Marcos racing cars and road car chassis were built in the Netherlands, with road car assembly completed in Westbury by a much-reduced staff.

An LM600 driven by Cor Euser competed in the Dutch Supercar Challenge and won the GT Championship in 2002 and 2004, and again in 2009, the 50th anniversary of the founding of Marcos.

Mod features :

* Multiple bodykits
* Multiple wheelsets
* Optional animated wiper
* Exhaust smoke effect

GTR2 Car pack includes :

2006 Car No. 05 Marcos LM600 Eurotech Racing (standard version)
2005 Car No. 14 Marcos LM600 ERG Motorsport (standard version)
2004 Car No. 15 Marcos LM600 Marcos Racing International (standard version)
2002 Car No. 12 Marcos LM600 Eurotech Racing (standard version)
2002 Car No. 99 Marcos LM600 WIDI Racing (Rain version)


Extract these files in your GTR2 root directory (folder).

Mod History – change-log :

Changelog from add-on car pack v.1.0 :

* fixed CTD bug (low and med ingame gfx settings for style1 motec cars)
* improved low res mesh (front hoods and splitters)
* improved mesh material properities (front hood, front cockpit window)
* improved style 1 and 2 splitter textures (fixed for low res ingame gfx settings)
* new physics

for more infos see GTR2_Marcos_LM600_Styles_Documentation.pdf (or txt)

End User License Agreement (EULA) :

By installing add-on for GTR2 you accept this EULA.
Therefore please read this agreement carefully before installing.


This add-on is a modification for Simbin’s GTR2.


This is not an official product of the FIA.
This mod is not for profit and may not be used for commercial purposes.
There is no relationship with any of the teams or sponsors.

Property and restrictions :

This add-on is property of development members. It is protected by the copyright agreements and the laws for protection of intellectual property. Any offence against these rights can result in civil or criminal charges.

It is not allowed change files of this add-on package without permissions.
It is not allowed release/distribute this add-on package with any changes without permission.
It is not allowed convert parts of this add-on package to any other game/3d format without permissions.
It is not allowed to be profited from commercially by a third to party with this add-on package.
It is allowed create new skins/teams, distrubuted separately as new LM600 team standalone cars (car slots).


Use this mod at your own risk.
Should the user not be able to use the software, the author cannot be made responsible for this and any damages.

ReadMe Sounds :

Thinlane T’s Marcos LM600 soundpack for Simbin’s GTR 2

If you want to use these sounds in mods or anything else that would be publicated or released into the mass, message me by e-mail for permission:
Credits required.


Marcos LM600 soundpack by Thinlane T for GTR2


Marcos LM600 Ford sounds; Whole new sample pack
Marcos LM600 Chevy sounds; Whole new sample pack


*** FIRST!!!!***

Back-up the .aud files you find in your Gamedata\Teams\GT\Marcos LM600 Teams\ folder!

When you back-up-ed these files, you copy the Gamedata folder into your GTR2 folder. Give permission to replace the files, and start GTR2, to get some muscle in those 8 cylindre monsters.

comments needed for further development!

Thinlane T


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Version: 1.1
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