Maserati GT SC v0.89

Maserati GT SC for GTR2

Mod created by scca1981

Car Class : NGT 2003 / 2004
inclusive Painting Template

This mod uses the GTR2 Safety Car as a standalone NGT model race car.
It also uses a combination of the original Safety Cars Physics and the NGT Porsche.

Whats been added to the car:

*New Wheels
*Disc Brakes and Calibers
*Roll Cage
*New Race Seat
*Race style Steering Wheel
*Showroom and Spinner

Known Issues:

– Shadow a tad oversize
– No Rain or Dirt Screen
– Rear wheels hover slightly above track
– No Rear Lights

All should be fixed for final version coming soon.


Place “Gamedata” folder from this directory to your MAIN GTR2 directory.
Allow any overwrite(no original files overwritten).

Note that this does not replace the current GTR2 Safety car but is a standalone car.

Thanks and enjoy!



Size: 5,4 MB
Version: 0.89
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