TVR Cerbera Speed 12 GT1 v2.1

TVR Cerbera Speed 12 GT1 for GTR2

Credits :

3D model and textures…………GRID 8-Ball Pack by Codemasters
physics…………………………………Edited version of standard Viper GT
tyr file…………………………………..Mazda 787B by SCCA1981
New files (skins, 3D, etc.)………TVR Cerbera Speed 12 mod v1.0 for rFactor by Rebellion

Car Infos from Wiki :

The TVR Cerbera Speed 12, originally known as the Project 7/12, was a high performance concept car designed by TVR in 1997. Based in part on then-current TVR hardware, the vehicle was intended to be both the world’s highest performance road car and the basis for a GT1 class endurance racer. However, problems during its development, changing GT1 class regulations and the eventual decision that it was simply incapable of being used as a road car ended the idea, forcing TVR executives to abandon its development.

The vehicle’s engine, displacing 7.7 litres and having twelve cylinders, was reportedly capable of producing nearly one thousand horsepower, although an exact measurement was never made. Nonetheless, its performance was said to be astonishing, and it may have been capable of hitting sixty miles per hour in the low-three second range and have a top speed greater than that of the McLaren F1.

Mod Infos :

This mod is a conversion of the car included in the 8-Ball Pack. The version 1.0 of this mod was converted by Rebellion to rFactor. Rebellion did many improvements to make the car like a racing car. Part of these improvements have been converted to GTR2. Only the changes that make this car similar to the ones that raced many british gt events in the seasons 2000-2002. The sounds are the same great sounds that have been uploaded by Mildrew at F1C. The 5 cars have the filter CERBSPD12 only. Only 3 new skins have been converted from rFactor because they are the only that don’t have a single color or that aren’t the old ones with different colors.

Edit the line classes according to your GTR2 installation. New (and a lot better) templates made by Rebellion are included. 5 LOD levels implemented.

Skins info :


Permission :

Feel free to update/upload/use parts of this mod.
Feel free to do what you want with this car. Any improvement is welcome.
You can post the link to the cars and create a release thread everywhere.

Version 2.1 – updates by SiGi for (January 2017) :

– reworked many texture assignments / values in .gmt files
– moved internal steeringwheel more up / backwards for better view on display
– closed gaps on cockpit mirror (rightside)
– updated / reworked warning lights (Motec)
– reworked powered light texture
– updated / improved some values in .car files
– updated sound position, engine emission and sound volume
– corrected wrong named (reversed) tire and wheel file (LR_X0)
– added missing shadow parts on team skins
– zipped team textures to .gtr
– and some more i can’t remember…

good entertainment,



Size: 58 MB
Version: 2.1
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