Metro GP v1.2

Metro GP for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by khan1670

Firstly, I’d like to thank Bassguy for bringing us this great track to rFactor and allowing myself to convert it to GTR2.

Track Infos (from rFactor) :

Metro is a modification from part of a Hooters Road Trip point to point track originally converted to SCGT by Anton Petkov. I have added barriers and all the other track goodies to define a fictional street circuit. I originally released this track for SCGT back on 12/20/02.

I’ve seen this track converted to many games and decided to update my original SCGT track for rFactor. The dozens of tiny building textures are about all that remain from the original Hooters road trip files. (if there’s an artist out there that wants to update the building textures, please be my guest!)

It’s easy to over drive this track and use up all your tires quickly. And the Jersey barriers make for lots of door bangin’ action. Even though the original building textures aren’t quite up to today’s rFactor standards, I find the track layout quite addictive….. hope you do too.



GTR2 Features :

* Full conversion from rFactor version 1.1
* Rain reflections
* Animated marshalls
* AIW tweaked for GTR2 in the pit area and a couple tight corners for the AI. 🙂
* Functioning safety car

Feature note :

This is a conversion of the original v1.1 version of the track.
There’s a high-res texture pack available which gives the track a nice update.

update by SiGi for (January 2019) :

– added high-res texture pack (see included “Metro_high_resolution_textures.rar” file)

Installation Instructions :

extract the “Metro_high_resolution_textures.rar” file with WinRAR or similar unpacker
and drop the included textures files (.bmp and .dds) into the Metro directory – done.

change-log :

v1.2 changes :
– Added wet path – done by Motorfx
– Adjusted gdb accordingly

V1.1 changes :
– Added GTR2 lod’s by Frankybb & BlackHawk2LW
– AIW adjusted to eliminate cut track warnings

Known issues:

Well it is a street course, the AI has difficulty turning around if spun and you may get more yellows early in the race.


Delete any previous version you may have 1st, including hat files.
Extract directly to your GTR2\gamedata\locations directory.

Special thanks to:

Bassguy – awesome track !
Frankybb & BlackHawk2LW for GTR2 lod’s
Motorfx for his AIW help


As of this time this track is only restricted to :

Please do not upload it anywhere else.

Thank you and enjoy the track !



Size: 14 MB
Version: 1.2
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