Mid-Ohio Virtua_LM v1.0

Mid-Ohio Virtua_LM for GTR2

Track Infos from Wiki :

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is a road course auto racing facility located in Troy Township, Morrow County, Ohio, United States, just outside the village of Lexington. Mid-Ohio has also colloquially become a term for the entire north-central region of the state, from south of Sandusky to the north of Columbus.

The track opened as a 15-turn, 2.4 mile (3.86 km) road circuit run clockwise. The back portion of the track allows speeds approaching 180 mph (290 km/h). A separate starting line is located on the backstretch to allow for safer rolling starts. The regular start / finish line is located on the pit straight.

In 1990 the track underwent a refurbishment. A new retaining wall was built, the entire track was resurfaced, widened and concrete was paved in the apexes of the turns to prevent asphalt deterioration. In addition, a straightaway was paved through the chicane, allowing for two different track layouts, the original 2.4-mile (3.9 km) circuit and a new 13-turn, 2.258 mile (3.634 km) circuit. In 1990, the CART series began utilizing the 2.258-mile (3.634 km) layout.

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Introduction :

Virtua_LM is proud to present you with their new track: Mid-Ohio Road Course, United States. Originally developed for rFactor by ISI, this track will also be available to GTR2, GT-Legends and Race07.

Content :

* 2 layouts available

History :

* 13rd June 2008 – v1.00

Credits :

Virtua_LM members

Algis (track modelling), Amax (archive), Aprimatic (painting), Burger4man (car modelling), Danilo (AIW), Dave_3D (car modelling), DerDumeKlemmer (conversion), Discocandy (painting), Eclipsee (car modelling), Eden7c (R&D), Etone (archive), F1Driver (painting), Joe Bar Team (R&D), King Of The Ring (car modelling), Markus Nissa (car modelling and painting), Monsum (track modelling), Nugit (car modelling), Padajacaba (R&D), Racer-BR (painting), Revsect (R&D), Swiss Hutless (car modelling), Sylvain (track modelling), T-Spark (painting), Tato (painting), Trumpf (R&D), Vassalfada (sounds), Vince Klortho (R&D), Zulu (painting).

External support and beta testing :

Batman, Bullitt, Christ, Desmo, Digitt, DrGroove, Ekaterina, Elio75, Elwood, emac, Eric.Bugs, Frank, Grietick, Gui930, Gundam, Hunaudieres, JBMASS, Khyn, Ludo24H, Pete Walsh, MotorFX, Moucham, Mullog, Niko, Nikolovic, Otaugames, Pontiac, Raegon, Roswell, SpeedFr, Steven, Sticky-Fingers, Tmsi68, Vevex, Wimille.

Special thanks go to …

* Image Space Incorporated (ISI)… for developing rFactor and for their technical support.
* Pete Walsh obviously… for creating rFactorCentral, the heart of the rFactor modding community.
* emac and the whole RH crew… for hosting our forums and for their kindness and honesty in our everyday virtual life.
* RacingFR testers… for their enthusiasm and particularly Desmo and Sticky-Fingers for the great organization.
* Dave Noonan for developping 3DSimED V2 and then making decent conversions possible to other GMT2 engines.
* Our families who shared and endured this strange passion during those last years.
* Our loyal fans

Terms and conditions :

* Conversion or modification of any of this package’s contents is strictly prohibited.
* Usage of textures can be granted according to the conditions described on the Virtua_LM website (disclaimer section)
* In a more general way, the restrictions of use applied to this package are described on the Virtua_LM website
(http://virtua-lm.com). Any additional question can be asked (in a polite way) on our forums.



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Version: 1.0
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