Milbantos Raceway v1.1

Milbantos Raceway for GTR2

Track created by Franky (frasie)

Track Infos :

Milbantos Raceway is a 3,921 km (2.431 miles) long, fictional from scratch created permanent race course, located somewhere in the USA.

Hi at all !

Here I present you my last project of Milbantos Raceway, for GTL, GTR2 and Race 07.

The base track layout is a combination of Mills and Toban reverse, with a total lenght of 2.431 miles and 17 curves. The idea of this project was born two years ago, it was an experiment to do ! Between i made some other projects like Arcorin hills, Glencehill and Tobeka. Two months ago i have started again to work on this old project, reworked the layout and some curves to give the track his own caracter and good feeling while driving. And i think it’s OK now to share it public. I have tested the track many times in GTL, GTR2 and Race 07 and i am satisfied whith it. I hope you will have much fun driving it 🙂

(Will say thank You again to derDumeklemmer for giving me an indirect lession by Track making “better” ! Just looking at his superb rework on my last Track Tobeka, i learned many thinks I dont know before – now the quality is much better…. ) Danke Uwe !


Version History / change-log :

Version 1.10 (released 2018) :

– some textures and setting changed
– added animations like flags, lights, signs ecc…
– GTR2 Lod screen made by Frank BB from (

(MANY MANY THANKS for your original work Frank BB!! ) Dankeschön!

Version 1.01 – update by FrankyBB :

– fixed start lights

Version 1.00 (released April 2015) :

– 36 cars on Grid
– working Start and Pit lights
– Night lights
– working garage doors
– animated Marshalls and Crowds
– working Track sounds like Speeker and Crowds !
– added Rain reflections ! (for GTR2 + Race 07 version)

for all three versions the AI Cars are working good and fast (but maybe not the best).

How to Install :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and drop the track-folder into your GameData\Locations\…directory – done.

good entertainment



Size: 71,8 MB
Version: 1.1
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