Motodrom Schottenring v1.0

Motodrom Schottenring for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by CY-33 & derDumeklemmer

Credits :

Track build from scratch for GT-Legends by various members of
Game Integration, conversion, LOD, Map: derDumeklemmer
Models, Textures: CY-33, Simbin
AI: derDumeklemmer, Dikl
Cams: Umma Gumma
Skybox: f1_edition
Beta Testing: Community
Girlfriends/Wifes: You know what…

Track Infos :

The Schottenring was a motorsport race track situated near Schotten in the Vogelsbergkreis of Hesse, between Fulda and Gießen. After Nürburgring, Schleizer Dreieck, Solituderennen and AVUS, it was one of Germany‘s oldest race tracks, inaugurated on 22 July 1925.

The track was popular for club events, and had attracted 90,000 spectators to its first post war event in 1947. In 1953, partially as the result of a compromise between Germany’s two controlling bodies, the DMV and the ADAC, it was selected to host the German motorcycle Grand Prix. Even by the standards of the day, the track had never been regarded as particularly safe, and after an inspection made before practice had begun, the factory teams from AJS, Norton, Gilera and Moto Guzzi decided unanimously that the track was too narrow for “modern” 350s and 500s to race. Bordered on many fast corners by trees and with a track surface so slippery at the most dangerous points that it would be disastrous to run a championship event there. With the unprecedented departure of the majority of major teams even before racing was due to begin, officials from the FIM decided that the only way to proceed at such short notice was to allow the event to continue, but that only the smaller 125cc and 250cc races would count towards the World Championship.

Racing was discontinued after 1956, but rallies and classic bikes events are still held on a shortened version.

Virtual Track Infos :

But what if the story was different? We asked ourself this question and came up with the plan to should try to make a semi-fictional version of the track for GT-Legends, based up on the old maps and models of the planed track. Beside to drive the interessting layout it gave us the opportunity to try out stuff we allways wanted to see on a racetrack – and this time we had the artistic freedom to do so!

The Track, as we pictured it, was build in on the edge between old nature tracks and the modern planed circuits. Curves where not made to be difficult, their difficulty derived from the geography they where constructed in. Modifivations of the ground should be reduced to a minimum. This leads to some combinations that do not look very spektacular on the first view, but to drive real fast laps, one has to find his very one line wich can be completely different from the next drivers. There is not the one perfect line. On the other hand offers quite modern safty features and state-of-the-art pit, maintenance and event buildings.

There are plenty of tribunes and they offer from roofed and easy accessible seats to the famous nature tribunes, that where so popular. Every point on the track is easy to reach for the spectators, dispite of the site it is very open to the public. Additionaly the track has its own small airfield with gras runway, wich offers perfect supply for the race teams aswell as fastest medical care in case of emergency. We hope all these thought we followed while creating the track are made realistic enough and you have loads of fun with this half-phantasy track as it was one that existed for real. This one should have existed for real!

Installation :

To install extract the Motodrom_Schotten.rar file to you GTL Folder. No original will get lost. Indemnity against liability for damage caused by installation.

Permission / Terms of Use :

Please do not change, convert or reuse the the files without permission of the manufacturers. Have respect for our work! To request reuse or changes of 3D/2D object in other tracks with classic setting or hosting of the track on yur website you can contact CY-33 via, or (we understand english and german language).

Please include this readme in all copys of the track and do not remove the names of the original authors of any of the files.

Thanks :

Also thanks to the GT-Legends makers, who created a unique base for this Add-on and the team, who keep our old GTL alive, keep it updated and good looking. Thanks to all the bands I listened to while working on this project and all people I annoyed by talking about it.

Thanks to all of you!

Have fun and good races
CY-33 & derDumeklemmer (27.08.2012)


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Version: 1.0
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