Murcielago NASCAR Challenge v1.2

Murcielago NASCAR Challenge for GTR2

Mod created by PHILH959 and FastTex
fictitious Mod for Oval Racing, based on the default GTR2 Lamborghini Murcielago.

GTR2 game….19.99 $
Computer to play GTR2…..1499.99 $
NASCAR skins on the Murcielago….Priceless !

Thanks to:

“Magic Skin” Mike W., A.K.A. “FastTex”, for all of the beautiful skins.
Ford-Freak for the Dewalt-NANO livery!
and to Martin Erdniss, A.K.A. “Moatlspeed”, for the wonderful Lambo rims!

Thanks to and Mayo Racing Designs for some of the schemes, numbers.

A very special thanks to : Roxxie for technical assistance!


– Tire heating caused by GTR2 physics! (see the Tire Management read me)

Tracks Needed for the Championship :

1. OV_Daytona (By N2LO)
2. Bristol (By N2LO)
3. Charlotte (can be found at NAGP) (By N2LO)
4. Infineon (DutchDevil’s GTL track, converted and with a AIW fix) Hope to have available soon….
5. Darlington (By N2LO)
6. Talladega_OV (By N2LO)
7. NAWatkinsGlen (DutchDevil)
8. OVNewHampshire (By N2LO)
9. CaliforniaRC (By N2LO)
10. OVHomestead (By N2LO)

Of course you can substitute ANY track of your liking, by editing the Murcielago_Nascar_Challenge.gdb in the Custom Championships folder!

*** WARNING ***

If you do not have all of those tracks, It will CTD the game if you try to play the “Championship” without them !

Install Instructions :

Drag and Drop the “GameData” folder onto your main GTR2 folder. Say yes to

No Original files will be overwritten. Just the gamedata, Championship,
Custom and teams folders will be.

The Nascar Lambo’s will have their own folder in “Teams”, but will be available for the 2003 or 2004 season, or single makes.

Terms of Use :

PLease do not change or alter this mod. If you want to do so, please just contact me and let me know.
I will not be held responsible for any problems arising from the use of this mod.

Any problems with the mod, please contact me, and I will be glad to help.
You can reach me either through Nogrip or North American Grand Prix via a PM, or through my email

PHILH959 AND FastTex


Size: 74 MB
Version: 1.2
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