Mustang GT 2005 Mod v1.0

Mustang GT 2005 for GTR2

Mod created by RMi

Mod Infos :

RMi designs physics to be as close to original as possible. Most cars are setup to be on the “soft side”, regarding rpms, springs, cambers and other settings. Thus, to properly enjoy the car, some garage work will produce a car that performs better than default. When making adjustments, please consider its real world interaction and make small changes.

Please drive the Street cars as you would your own…

Classes :

Shelby-GT350 – this is the base car, physics are near to 95% truespec. Engine, gears, axel and suspension are to within 99% of reality with dyno matched engine curves.
Skins should be stock/street/strip (This is the most fun car IMHO!!).

GT500 – step-up car, 90% truespec, as above Skins should be stock/street/strip

GT500-KR – The King of the Road, as above, more power Skins should be stock/street/strip

GT500 Saleen – FIA-GT Spec Skins should be full race / historic

Medusa – Single standalone / Bonus car
Skins should be chromalux type skins only please.

Please note the use of GenStrings when making new cars / skins

Bugs / To-Do :

– Reversed Mirrors
– Sounds – not 100% perfect
– Medusa – Effect is better in dim sunlight
– Race Steeringwheel – graphics bug


Goresh – Cockpit / Animations / Misc
R. Stratton – Misc
M.Wood – concept and main conversion
[SSR]Angus – Race Skins

We wish to graciously thank Scott ‘Tigger’ Stockton for the use of his excelent 3d model with permission.

We also thank DucFreak for his “orgasmic” sounds borrowed from the GT40 and GT350 Legends soundpacks with permission.


Finishers, Skinners and 3dmodelers… JOIN RMi!!!
(do not apply if ya just want to get our betas, yes, we know who you are!!!)

We have a core team but lack persons to do the small final things when release date is near.
Core members generally get bored ( haha ) after the mod is working in regards to physics and model look, especially myself as I have umpteen mods that are 90% done.

So we need people willing to package *.gtr/*.mas files, file naming, team structures and the other minut`e that the public desires in a release.



Size: 33,9 MB
Version: 1.0
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