Nardo Dirt v1.0

Nardo Dirt for GTR2

Track created by Velo

Built with BTB and 3dSimEd.

Track Infos :

The Nardò off-road track is part of the Nardò Technical Center, Italy. It is located inside the High Speed Ring, just above the Handling Circuit. Built as accurate as possible, based on an exact Google Earth trace for elevations and layout (and some imagination, as there is little or no info available…).

20 car grid, pits, startlights. Not in the original of course, but thanks to virtual racing it is now possible to have a race there 🙂

Also part of my Nardò Technical Center project:

– Handling Circuit
– High Speed Ring

Have Fun



To make driving on a dirt track in GTR2 possible, it is necessary to replace the “specialfx.tec” file. IT WILL CAUSE ONLINE MISMATCHES WHEN THIS FILE IS CHANGED, so you have to restore theoriginal before you go online. More in the readme below!

You can find “specialfx.tec” in the “\GameData\Locations” folder. Be sure to make a backup first before you replace it with the modded one! An original file is included just in case.

Install :

READ FIRST! and then replace “specialfx.tec” and extract “NardoDirt” into the “GTR2\GameData\Locations” folder.

You will find “Nardo Dirt” in your tracklist.

Common practice is to have two separate GTR2 installs, one for online and one for mods.

Terms of Use :

Please respect my work. Don’t rehost, plunder, convert or mod unless granted my permission.

Thank you.


Size: 5 MB
Version: 1.0
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