Nardo Handling Circuit v1.0

Nardo Handling Circuit for GTR2

Track build by Velo

Track Infos :

This is my first attempt at recreating -as accurate as possible- an existing track. Also, it is the first time this track is available in the sim world, so we have a scoop here ;). It is part of the Nardo Technical Center in Italy, located inside the famous 12km long highspeed ring and is intended for handling and prototype testing.

The real track is built for testing, but it has some great corners and is a lot of fun driving at the high speeds you can get here. I tweaked the AI lines so they make use of the run-off areas just as drivers do on the real track. And some good racing is possible here, makes me wonder why they don’t use it for official races…

Real track located in Italy near the town of Nardo.

I made it the 2008 version as it was just completed and has such great colors: the freshly dug up red earth, the new black tarmac and the dark green shrubs – a brand new track.

Elevations and bankings are as accurate as I could get them, based on data from Google Earth and crappy youtube vids*. About half of the numbers are from an official promotion video and I had to estimate the rest based on onboard footage. (Big thanks to Led566 for pointing me to the vid that had realtime altitude data!)

For reference points the tower and the high lightpoles are there, also those white obsolete roads and the four utility patches. Google Earth revealed some mysterious holes, a ruin and a leakage: I included them as well 🙂

Features :

– Full 20 car race grid available, though it is not there in reality since the track is only meant for handling and prototype testing (and luckily: trackdays…)
– 2 cars per box, for there is limited space
– Rain reflections
– 2 layouts: the full 6.2 Km track and the short version which is about 3 KM

“completed in 2008, designed (after indication by the owner Pista Prototipo / Nardò technical center) and built by Angelo Sticchi Damiani who actually is the President of ACI – Automobile club d’Italia.” (thanks again Led566)

Total length: 6222 m ;
Straight stretch: 1000 m ;
Width: 15 m on the straight, 10,5 m for the rest;
Bends: n. 7 on the right, n. 9 on the left;
Crossfall/slope: 2,5%, 7%;
Longitudinal slope: from + 5,78% to – 6,90%.

Completely made with BTB

<3 Piddy for your amazingly versatile software ! New or modified graphics and creation of some simple 3d objects.

Thanks go to various Xpack creators:

Bob Pritchard’s Tree Collection, Eric Tozer (ennisfargis) Xpacks, Trackside_Objects, Jamie’s RBR Great Britain Xpack

*Laser Scanning Must Be So Much Easier haha…

Please respect my work. Don’t rehost, plunder, convert or mod unless granted my permission. Thank you.

Install :

extract into the “GTR2\GameData\Locations” folder, you will find “NardoHClong” and “NardoHCshort” in your tracklist.




Size: 29 MB
Version: 1.0
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