Nardo High Speed Ring v1.0

Nardo High Speed Ring for GTR2

Track created by Velo

Built with BTB and 3dSimEd

Track Infos :

The Nardò Ring is a huge, visible from space, 12.6 km long high speed test track located near the town of Nardò, Italy. “More than 300 kph is for your own risk.” They say. The bumps from this track, originating from the seventies, will convince you.

…it is a marvel and world famous. It was the most futuristic and spectacular track in its time and is still used for maximum speed testing. Recently shown in a Top Gear episode, where it became obvious that it is not just a question of put your foot down and lean back.

There is no official racing on the ring, but thanks to the possibilities of virtual racing there is now a 50 car grid, pits and start lights. So… you can go high speed drafting and racing. Or use it to test your favorite car to the max. Or speed up the time and set some rain, and have a meditative drive for a few hours enjoying the changing colors and the landscape rushing by.

Or run in the opposite direction dodging the AI. Or create your own specialised car and set a new speed record. Or run 104 cars ;). Be creative!

*Porsche recently bought the whole Nardò Technical Center, including the ring. They probably will repave it so here is your chance to enjoy keeping your car under control on this historic, very bumpy track at super speeds.

Did my best to capture the atmosphere and feel of driving on this remarkable ring :

– Built as accurate as possible, banking and track specs are based on official data and an exact Google Earth trace.
– Environment based on vids, mainly Dunlop event
– Detailed physical track surface and textures
– Rain reflections
– Flicker free headlights
– 50 car grid
– Access to skid pad and truck track

Known Issues :

-Sometimes the AI go through the armco straight into oblivion.
-DO NOT RESET YOUR CAR or you go down the same way as the AI.


– Beware of the aquaplaning at those high speeds! It is a real challenge.

Also part of my Nardò Technical Center project :

– Handling Circuit
– Dirt Track

–> …and yes, it’s just a big round track. But… (read along in the readme V )*

Terms of Use :

Please respect my work. Don’t rehost, plunder, convert or mod unless granted my permission. Thank you.

Install :

extract into the “GTR2\GameData\Locations” folder, you will find “Nardo High Speed Ring” in your tracklist.

Have Fun



Size: 45 MB
Version: 1.0
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One Thought to “Nardo High Speed Ring v1.0”

  1. Anders Bricquet

    In ‘theory’ — or at least in ‘hypothesis’ — a grotesquely-long and large, perfectly symmetrical 8 mile long ‘oval’ circuit may sound like a ‘speedster’s paradise’: The ‘longer’ the oval track the better.

    In ‘practice,’ however, an oval track of this length ends up being quite ‘droll’ and ‘boring’ to drive on. The fastest vehicles that I have for GTR2 are “Formula 1” type vehicles which top out at about 190+ mph. In order to get any level of ‘satisfaction’ or ‘difficulty’ out of a symmetrical oval track that is 8 miles long — you would probably need a vehicle that was capable of sustaining speeds of 350-500 mph. Otherwise, there’s absolutely no point building an oval track of this length…

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