Navarra 2011 v1.0

Navarra 2011 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by Paulmarc

Credits :

Original Track created by Mário Morais for rFactor

Track Infos from Wiki :

Circuito de Navarra is a motorsport race track that opened in June 2010 near Los Arcos in the Navarre region of Northern Spain. It is a 3.933 km (2.444 mi) permanent road course that hosts the Superleague Formula series and the FIA GT1 World Championship. On 2–4 May 2014, it was the location of the second weekend of Acceleration 2014, a series of festivals combining top class car and bike racing with music and entertainment.

The circuit was inaugurated June 19, 2010 with the showing of the MotoGP Inmotec. Its first national test was held on the 31st July. In cycling, the circuit hosted the start of stage 16 of the 2017 Vuelta a España. In 2018, Navarra will hold the first of two Spanish rounds of the 24h series, with the other round being held in Barcelona.

Major Events : FIA GT1 World Championship and Superleague Formula

Virtual Track Infos :

I tried the rfactor track just after driving in the real track (summer 2011). I noticed how good this track was from a topographic point of view. However the original rFactor track was quite empty.

Since I really prefer GTR2 over rFactor I started to convert it for my personal use. Finally the resulting GTR2 track was looking good and I contacted Mario to ask for a legal conversion so that everybody could use it. Thanks to Mario for allowing me to do and finish this conversion.

I spent lots of hours fixing and modifying the original track and I think the result is satisfactory.

Conversion Process :

The first thing I did was remapping the whole scenery. In rFactor it looked too greenish so I mapped the whole scenery with the real textures taken from the air (they were included in some files by Mario). The result was awesome in comparison to the rFactor original version. Then I fixed the lighting and reflections. The skyboxi was buggy in GTR2 so I did it from scratch. The original track did not have any distance markers…so I painted all of them and added to the track just like they are in the real circuit.

Next I filled up the paddock with trucks, cars and so on because the original rFactor track was completely empty. I also put some 3d people as audience in several locations around the track, pole lights in the parking beside the main tribune, cars…All objects were located according to the real world. Then I included animated marshalls and spectators and some other objects around the pitlane. Rain Reflections were also added. The main rounded building in red was too dark so I repainted it to a brighter red as it is in the real world.

The most important task in the conversion process was the AIW. I drive a lot offline so I always look for a “perfect” AI in the tracks. I spent hundred of hours polishing the AIW. I think the result is quite good. Since I included 3 layouts I did from scratch all AIW files for all layouts. Time trial was enabled as well as safety car (rolling starts working smooth). I modified cam files and they are working nice in GTR2.

The Layouts :

The original rFactor track included just one layout: the main one (4km long). I also added the short (2.7 km long) layout using the long pit entrance and the main one, both appear as a “track day” layout, using the long pit entrance too. The GP layout uses, however, the short entrance to the pits. In that GP layout I included ads, flags, audience, trucks and other objects around the track for a Grand Prix race. The GP layout includes several advertising located more or less where they were in the last FIA GT1 race (2011).

Thanks to Mário Morais for doing this track in rFactor and allowing the conversion.

Mário Morais Website :

Paulmarc (nov 2011)


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