Navarra v1.0

Navarra for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and updates by RacerM


Fanleblowski :
– He created the track from scratch for rFactor.

RacerM :
– I added a totally revamped pit area, new trailers, tents, helicopter.
– I also added cranes and cams, more spectators around the track.
– I also added crowd and announcer sounds along with more parked vehicles and events tents.
– I converted the track to GTR2.

BillBro and BenMK1 :
There were several people who tried to help me with the AIW. The AIW for the rFactor version was a mess, (in GTR2 Terms). These two guys worked on the file and made the track drivable. Thank you guys. There is still much work that needs to be done and the AIW especially at turn 1 and the pits.

Warboss :
– He created the cams for the track, big thanks

Die_Locke and FrankyBB :
– They created the LODS and track icons, big thanks to them both for the time.

Thanks for the starting lights!

Goresh :
– His general knowledge and information helped me with the track and many problems that I was having.

– Rain reflections and marshals. Collision fixes for many objects like guardrails+tirestacks. Cheers 🙂

Track Infos from Wiki :

Circuito de Navarra is a motorsport race track that opened in June 2010 near Los Arcos in the Navarre region of Northern Spain. It is a 3.933 km (2.444 mi) permanent road course that hosts the Superleague Formula series and the FIA GT1 World Championship. On 2–4 May 2014, it was the location of the second weekend of Acceleration 2014, a series of festivals combining top class car and bike racing with music and entertainment.

The circuit was inaugurated June 19, 2010 with the showing of the MotoGP Inmotec. Its first national test was held on the 31st July. In cycling, the circuit hosted the start of stage 16 of the 2017 Vuelta a España. In 2018, Navarra will hold the first of two Spanish rounds of the 24h series, with the other round being held in Barcelona.

Major Events : FIA GT1 World Championship and Superleague Formula

Virtual Track Infos :

I first want to thank Fanleblowski for allowing the conversion of the track to other formats. It was his initial hardwork and creativity that made this track come to life. He initially created this track for rFactor and I converted it to GTR2. Thank you Fanleblowski !

This track is considered version v.09 because there is much more work that has to be done. I am releasing this track because although it is not perfect, it is very enjoyable and drivable and race ready. I didn’t want to hold on to it and delay it longer with such demand for it. I will come out with another more improved version soon. thank you.

Known Bugs :

– The track has no marshals or rain reflections. If there is anyone that wishes to add them please feel free, but send me the file so I can include them in the next version. <– fixed 😉
– The cars tend to bottleneck at the first turn on the first lap.

Permission :

Please do not post this track on any other site than the one that it is released on by me without permission and even when permission is granted, without the original readme. Just ask thats all.

Please enjoy this track and thank the people who were involved in the release especially Fanleblowski.



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Version: 1.0
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