Nissan GT-R R35 v1.02

Nissan GT-R R35 for GTR2

Mod Infos :

StreetSim Development Team is proud to bring you its second release.

The Nissan GT-R R35. Godzilla is back ! Currently the flagship model for Nissan and considered to be Japans only true supercar. StreetSim focuses on the creating of free Addons that showcase some of the worlds best street legal cars with an eye for detail both in the visual as well as dynamic aspects. We implement the capabilites of a game such as GTR2 to portray as accurate as possible true to life road car behavior. This car accelerates, brakes and corners as close to the real GTR as possible based on vehicle data available for the GTR.

The GT-R utilizes a very complex computer system that manages all the dynamic aspects of the car, as such this vehicle seems to defy the laws of what should be possible in a vehicle of its size/weight etc. We have no way to accurately portray this complex system in GTR2, however we can evaluate and take from several dozen reviews of the GTR as well asdetailed footage available portraying the specific dynamic points of the GT-R.

This provides us with grounds on which we can create the addon to recreate as accurately as possible the “feel”/handling of the car. Note that all other values such as weight, inertia, power, ratios, lap times, acceleration etc are constructed from real world values/data. This is Godzilla, the supercar killer, dont forget though, this is a road car not a race car. It benefits from aerodynamics and handling but it will not match race car dynamics in terms of grip.

This is part of an ongoing Addon, what does that mean? well it means that Streetsim will be updating this addon in the future *no timeframe* with additional cars and other goodies that Im sure will be enjoyed. For now though, enjoy the stock GT-R.

Release Notes:

**v1.01** Update to HDC file to fix a minor bug
**v1.02** Update done to correct minor sound issues (Thanks to Citytea for the fix)

Features :

Key features for this add-on include :

– Accurate 3D model of the Nissan GT-R R35 Model constructed/converted by Timothy Ho aka fa_22raptor *Circa 2008*
– Accurate 3D wheels and brakes
– Accurate high quality interior displaying GT-R dials and interior trimmings
– Accurate sounds by Citytea
– Physics modeling

Installation :

– Extract Gamedata folder into the main GTR2 Folder *This installs both the addon cars and sounds at once*

Options :

The Nissan GT-R is available in both clear or matte color coating. The Addon offers 7 Wheel choices as well.

Just open the Nissan Teams folder then look for the car # you wish to modify
/Nissan Teams/

Open with notepad.

Look for the Genstring Entry.

Genstring=(#)xxx < the 1st entry 1> Gloss/Clear paint 2> Matte paint

Genstring=x(#)xx < the 2nd entry 1-7> 7 Different wheel choices

After the desired changes have been made, just save and enjoy 🙂

Additional Information :

Created/Compiled by :

StreetSim Development Team: AzRiM (Mirza) and ayaxr (Ayax)

Additional Credits :

– Sounds made by Citytea
*Thanks a bunch mate! It was a long road we know, thanks for sticking thru it*
– NFS Shift wheels, converted from Shift as they were more accurate than the initial version
– NFS Shift interior model of the Nissan GT-R, heavily edited and tailored for GTR2 functionality

Author Website (more infos, screens, support)


Size: 40 MB
Version: 1.02
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