Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 JGTC GT500 2003 v4.01

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 JGTC GT500 2003 for GTR2

Mod created by IZUKON

Addon Car for the SUPER GT SGT500 Mod

This car can be also installed and driven as standalone without the SGT500 Mod

Special Thanks to:

Tadashi Iida
Turn10 Studios
Microsoft Games
Simbin/10Tacle Studios
Image Space Incorporated

Car Infos from :

One of the main reasons Nissan struggled in the Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC) in the 1990’s was because of the Skyline GT-R R34’s iron-block inline-6. So as soon as production for the R34 ended in 2002, Nissan replaced the car’s RB26DETT engine with the VQ30, an all aluminum-block V6, mated to a transaxle for optimum weight balance.

The new GT-R made its racing debut in May 2002 in a half-ready stage, The following year, Nissan came out with the 2003 GT-R, which added pipe frames to the chassis fore and aft of the cabin. This finished product was a race car with exceptional handling, even prompting some to call it a “cornering machine”.

Two Nismo GT-Rs and one Impul GT-R entered the 2003 JGTC series. In the opening race, the No. 23 Xanavi GT-R finished 2nd behind a Toyota Supra. In the following race, the No. 22 car driven by Masami Kageyama and Richard Lyons took the checkered flag, as did the No. 12 car in the 4th and 8th races, driven by Benoit Treluyer and Yuji Ide.

From the second race on, the Motoyama-Krumm team in the No.23 car placed consistently in the points. They had no wins, but in the JGTC where higher placing teams are given heavier weight handicaps, these finishes were ideal and resulted in Motoyama and Krumm grabbing the Driver’s Championship and Nismo garnering the Constructor’s Championship.


Mod History – change-log :

v4.01 – updates by SiGi for (December 2016) :

– reduced mesh faces / points on .gmt files for better fps / ingame performance
– improved some values in .car files like camera target, eyepoint, seat, feet on pedals and shift position
– added required files to run the car without SGT Mod

v4.0 Changes (4.0 Remastered FINAL by Izukon) :

– 2 Steering Wheels’ Texture Bump implemented. Lightning Projection fixed.
– Steering wheel for IMPUL Calsonic, and MOTUL PITWORK team Carbon parts on the cockpit Retextured with Bump Texture implemented. Lightning Projection fixed.
– MOTEC unit Lightning Projection fixed.
– Headliner ramapped and retextured. Lightning Projection fixed.
– Metal parts such as rollcage Lightning Projection fixed.
– New engine sound implemented. Recorded from the actual VQ30DETT engine.
– Lower Dashboard and doors are now separated from the carbon fibre parts of the cockpit. Lightning Projection Fixed.
– Carbon Fibre parts of the cockpit retextured and now uses bump mapping. Lightning Projection Fixed.
– Steering wheel now has 3 styles. Team IMPUL CALSONIC’s steering wheel has a “IMPUL” logo on it.

Install Instructions :


Fully remove all previous versions of the mod (if any) before installing v3.0 to avoid conflicts.

Folders needed to be removed before installation of v4.0

…GameData/Teams/Autobacs Super GT Series/GT500/NISMO R34 JGTC


Simply extract the “GameData” folder to your GTR2 Main Directory.

Disclaimer :

This model is based originally from Turn10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport 3 game exclusively for XBOX 360. You can support Turn10’s hard work by simply purchasing an authentic copy of their game and future game sequels/installment to be released soon.

I (izukon) and other parties, groups, companies, individuals are not directly affiliated to one another regarding the release of this mod for GTR2.

All Materials, Names, Brands, Companies, Third Parties, Groups, Individuals, etc. mentioned are all registered trademarks of their respective owners.

The name Skyline and the GT-R logo are all registered trademarks of Nissan Motorsport & Co. LTD Inc. All rights reserved.

All skin liveries & other texture enhancements were created by: izukon

This mod was downloaded at:
The file should not be hosted to other sites without permission.
To all Nissan Skyline fans & JGTC/SGT fans out there! Thank you very much!



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Version: 4.01
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