Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Mod v1.1

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Mod for GTR2

Mod created by Zaomarano

This is a free Mod for GTR2 by Simbin. Use it at your own risk.
To install this mod you’ll need approximately 54 MB of free hard disk space.

Mod including Full race GT class R34s and Light-tuned Trackdays R34s


– MansonGT & MCIN7 authorize myself to use their Skyline model (Light-tuned model)
– EA Sport produces such a GT-spec wide-body model and textures for Need for Speed Carbon
– Wider body modification by The Stigg
– Physics by Morning_wood & myself
– Team Autobacs, Calsonic, Falken, Injen, Jomo, Loctite Zexel,Pennzoil Zexel, Xanavi, Z-tune & Mines are painted by AntMAN12
– Team Dai Yoshihara, Tsuyoshi Tezuka GT and all Street colour teams are painted by DJ Paragon
– Rays Wheels by Daisy with premission
– Sound files borrowed from the rFactor Drift Revolution 1.00 for rFactor by ISI. All rights of the sound files reserved for them.
– And the fellow testers !

Car Infos from Wikipedia :

The GF-BNR34 (R34) Skyline GT-R, GT-R V·Spec and GT-R V·Spec N1 models were released in January 1999. The R34 GT-R was also shorter (from front to rear), and the front overhang reduced. The valve covers were painted glossy red (colour code Cherry Red Effect Z24 or X1020), as opposed to black in previous models.

A new feature on the R34 GT-R is a 5.8″ LCD multifunction display on the center of the dashboard, which shows seven different live readings of engine and vehicle statistics such as turbocharger pressure (1.2 bar max), oil and water temperature, among others. The GT-R V·Spec model added two extra features to the display: intake and exhaust gas temperatures. Nismo Multi-function Displays (MFD) can be bought at an extra cost, they include a lap timer, G-Force meter and an increase in boost pressure measurement to 2 bar. The R34 GT-R was made shorter in response to customer concerns who thought the R33 was too bulky.

Like the R33, the new R34 GT-R V·Spec (Victory Specification) models come equipped with the ATTESA E-TS Pro system and an Active LSD at the rear, while standard GT-R models come with the non-Pro system and a conventional mechanical differential. The V·Spec model also had firmer suspension and lower ground clearance, thanks to front and side splitters, as well as a rear carbon fibre air diffuser, designed to keep air flowing smoothly under the car.

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change-log :

Version 1.1 :

* GT-spec changed to wider body by The Stigg
* NGT-spec – the original wide body R34 by myself
* Fixed engine sound location
* Fixed the location of .gdb files
* Adjustable steering lock for light-tuned R34

Classes and Technical Specifications :

* Full race R34 GT-spec (GT class)
* Weight with no fuel: 1180kg
* Carbon fibre spaceframe chassis
* Race tuned RB28DETT engine:
* 630bhp@9250rpm
* 556Nm@6500rpm
* Redline at 10500rpm
* Fully adjustable suspension
* Fully adjustable straight teeth gearbox

* Full race R34 NGT-spec (NGT class)
* Weight with no fuel: 1180kg
* Carbon fibre spaceframe chassis
* Race tuned RB26DETT engine:
* 425bhp@8000rpm
* 488Nm@2750-5300rpm
* Redline at 8800rpm
* Fully adjustable suspension
* Fully adjustable straight teeth gearbox

* Light-tuned R34 (Semi-race condition)
* Weight with no fuel: 1510kg
* Stock metal monocoque with roll cage chassis
* Light tuned RB26DETT engine:
* 425bhp@8000rpm
* 488Nm@2750-5300rpm
* Redline at 8800rpm
* Stock and Sport suspension
* 6-speed Non adjustable straight teeth gearbox with close ratio final drive

Install Instructions :

!! delete any older versions first !!

extract with WinRAR or else and copy the GameData folder to your GTR2
main-directory allow to overwrite when asked – done.

No Files will be overwritten, except SIM_SUBARU_IMPREZA_CUP.GDB and SIM_SUBARU_IMPREZA_CUP.TXT, which are coming from my previous Impreza and Evo mod.

Known issues :

– only support the highest LOD
– does not support 2D wheels

Terms of Use – Disclaimer :

This mod can be freely distributed.
It is also authorized to make new skins with the attached templates.


Use this mod at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damages caused.

Enjoy !


Size: 49,4 MB
Version: 1.1
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