Norisring 2005 v3.2

Norisring 2005 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and updates by ZWISS

Com8 gave me permission to do an update for Jogi’s Norisring Version for GTR2. Jogi send me an email and telling me that he have no longer time to work on GTR2 tracks. Indiana allowed me to use his version with many new objects. I think I made this track much closer to the real track.


– rFactor Version 1 by Com8
– rFactor Version 2 by Indiana
– GTR2 Version v1.0 by Jogi
– New cams by Luigi
– GTR2 LODS by Safety
– New AIW by Greybrad
– Advice : DutchDevil, Com8, der Dumeklemmer and Greybrad

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Norisring is a street circuit in NĂŒrnberg, on the former Nazi party rally grounds (in German: “ReichsparteitagsgelĂ€nde”) site of the NSDAP party conventions. As the city’s German name NĂŒrnberg would lead to confusion with the already famous NĂŒrburgring, the old name Noris was chosen for the simple track which is now approximately 2,300 metres (1.4 mi) long.

Since 18 May 1947, motor racing events around the remaining 360 metres (0.22 mi) long grand stand (ZeppelinhaupttribĂŒne or simply SteintribĂŒne) are held on streets that are otherwise used for public traffic. Different configurations were used in the early years, including figure-8 layouts. Nowadays, the start-finish straight in front of the central grand stand leads to a right hand sweeper and the lefthand U-turn at Grundig tower, and back in a (now lefthand) sweeper to the SteintribĂŒne, where the “Schöller-S” right-left chicane lead to the backstraight at its backside. Cars touch the outside wall often there. After a righthand kink, the lefthand U-turn of “Dutzendteichkehre” leads back to the main straight after a flat-out lefthand kink.

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more infos can be found here (only in german) :

change-log :

New in 3.2 :

– NEW AIW for GTR2 and rF by Greybrad
– improved popping up of objects
– fixed time trial position
– added shadows to trees
– optimized objects for FPS (still a bit low)
– NEW AIW for GTR2 and rF by Greybrad (thanks a lot)
– more pit garages for more cars (max 36)
– I made the AI a little bit slower.. by kind request..
– fixed pitlights
– edited Stein tribune (thanks to P.DTMdriver)
– corrected rain reflections
– made many textures less bright with photoshop
– made the track bumpier
– added a few real bumps..

New in 3.0 :

– animated track marchalls (GTR2 only)
– adjusted scaling and position of many objects (thx to Google Maps)
– additional trees, bushes, fences, lamp poles, tribunes, ad-boards..
– new Schöller esses (tires removed, moved armco)
– new hairpin
– revisited main straight
– modified AIW for new track layout (incl rolling starts, many changes)
– GTR2 LOD’s by Safety
– new cam file by Luigi
– changed SKybox
– fix starting lights
– rain reflection (GTR2)
– break up meshes in smaller parts


delete any previous versions first (also delete .hat file).
Copy the Norisring folder into the locations folder.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SUGGESTIONS AND REPORT ERRORS. I will do my best to make a substantial update if possible. Do not publish an update without contacting me first, please.

Track Sources :

Dedicated to Pedro Rodriquez

Have Fun, not fame.




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