North Point rebuild v1.0

North Point rebuild for GTR2

rebuild for GTR2 by ZWISS


Fantasy track created by ISI for Sportscar GT
Converted from SCGT to rFactor by Bud Lucas
Updated to version 2.0 by Slider916/cammel
Some textures by Simbin (GTR2)
GTR2 style LODS & trackmap by FrankyBB
Completely rebuild in 3DSMAX by ZWISS

Track Infos :

Here is the second fictional track from SCGT, completely rebuild in 3DS MAX by me. I did my best to keep the vibe of the original track.

The track had been converted to the ISI format by Bud Lucas a long time ago, and improvements had been made by many people. The meshes were however very rough, and to make the track look like a GTR2 track, it had to be totally rebuild. There will be some more improvements, like marshall posts etc, in an update, but for now: enjoy this gem from 1999 🙂

Chatham is already available, Sardian Park is up next.

The extension :

The original SCGT track suggested a long version of the track, with two fake pieces of road near the last corner, but I think it was nog really there. During the history of the track in rFactor, someone created a real long extension. I did not included it, because it did not really add to the fun, and there was no real overtaking spot (my opinion, no offence to the creators).

If someone would like to design a new long layout, I might create it in MAX for an update. I would however prefer that it is simple, with a bit of a straight, and at least one good place to overtake.

Known Issues :

Because all marshalls are behind the fence, they are not that easy to see. I will create proper marshall posts in the future. Otehr suggestions are welcome.



Size: 12 MB
Version: 1.0
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