Norisring v1.0

Norisring for GTR2

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Norisring is a street circuit in Nürnberg, on the former Nazi party rally grounds (in German: “Reichsparteitagsgelände”) site of the NSDAP party conventions. As the city’s German name Nürnberg would lead to confusion with the already famous Nürburgring, the old name Noris was chosen for the simple track which is nowadays approx. 2,300 metres (1.4 mi) long.

Credits :

GTR2 Conversion by JOGI
based on Version 1.1 of my conversion for GTL

Thanks to Com8 for the permission to convert this track to GTL !

Additional Material and testing by:

Peter64, InsaneDruid – Thanks!
Special Thanks to Peter64 for extensive testing!

Tested in DirectX8 and DirectX9 mode only,

At the moment there are only 30 garages.
3 Driver share one pit while pitting.
So if you pit the wrong time you will have to wait…


copy the Norisring-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations directory – done.

For a feature list see the GTL readme:


Known errors:

– Nightlights are not working!
– Timetrial starts at wrong position!

Will try to fix this in the next Version.

The GTL Version based on a Conversion for rFactor :

Conversion by Com8

**AIW by Dutchdevil**
**CAM by Luigi**
**Artwork by GTEvo**

A lot of the work was done by them !

For original rFactor credits see ‘Norisring_readme_rFactor.txt’.

More Tracks on :


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Version: 1.0
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