ODRT Ring GP v1.1

ODRT Ring GP for GTR2

Fantasy track dedicated to Old Driver Racing Team and her Team Manager Mau.

Special thanks to:

– Elwood, Outrunner, Balnat and the friends of Slipangle
– GTItalia.org community, for the professional support for the Betatesting
– ISI for giving us a great game with a full modding support



GTR2 Conversion by BillBro

updates :

– Added rain reflections
– Fixed the pit and start lights
– Fixed some texture problems (Stretched textures and missing transparency settings)
– Added ambient sounds (Announcer and crowd)
– Fixed pop-up objects and flickering trees
– Added a grandstand where I thought one was missing
– Reworked the .CAM file and added a couple of cams
– Cleaned up the .AIW file. Added animated flagmen and scaffolds for them to stand on
– Added several objects to be shown in the mirrors, mostly trees and grandstands
– Added grid walk


Here’s a track I’ve been messing with for some time. Surprised no one brought it to GTR2 before.

It’s a fantasy track, but a very nice one. ODRT Ring (Old Drivers Racing Team Ring)

I had to work on a lot of things to get it to this point.

The textures were messed up. The grass textures were all stretched and odd looking.
Railings for the grandstands had no transparency. Many flickering trees and pop-up objects.
I added rain reflections, a grid walk and animated flaggers. Had to add scaffolds for the flagmen
to stand on. Added a grandstand. Added ambient sounds for the crowd and announcer.
Reworked the .CAM file and added a couple more cameras, reworked the .AIW file and
added objects to the mirrors.

Track at this point looks pretty good and runs great. Good luck winning.
Make a small mistake and they will disappear into the distance.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed all the work.
(I really do enjoy it even if it drives me a little crazy sometimes)

Forgot to add this: Originally created by Gianfranco for rfactror – See the readme included –
Not much info available other than that.

Best wishes,





Size: 16,9 MB
Version: 1.1
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  1. bmw328is

    Absolutely terrible. AI set way too high, and no grip. Fix it or forget it.

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