Okayama IC 2011 SGT v0.95

Okayama IC 2011 SGT for GTR2

Okayama International Circuit 2011 SGT Edition

Credits :

Original Track created by SimBin for the RACE07 Expansion Pack “RACE ON”

GTR2 Converison by jd121449

updated by Izukon

Track Infos from Wiki :

Okayama International Circuit (岡山国際サーキット), named TI Circuit Aida (TIサーキット英田) until December 31, 2004, is a 3.7-kilometre (2.3 mi) private motorsport race track in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. TI was the abbreviation of “Tanaka International” after the name of the golf club owner, Hajime Tanaka, though the name of the circuit was officially “TI Circuit Aida”.

As well as hosting racing events, the circuit has rental facilities including bikes and go karts available.

The course was opened in 1990 as a private race track for the wealthy. Soon, it hosted its first race, staged by veteran British drivers.

In 1994 and 1995, the TI Circuit hosted the Formula One Pacific Grand Prix; both events were won by Michael Schumacher in his early title-winning years. This race made Japan one of only seven countries to ever host more than one Formula One event in the same year. It was discontinued primarily due to its location in a remote area of Japan.

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SIM Version :

This is just an update regarding the original conversion of jd121449.

Features a lot of changes regarding and how the 2011 Okayama looks like in Super GT Round 1.

It is not perfect regarding accuracy of the track itself but it will do since in majority this is how the environment Okayama looks today.


Extract the “GameData” to your GTR2 Main Directory. Play!


Actually many, but one thing for sure I’m planning those tires and other objects around the track to move when hit…

Also to enhance the AI on track… somehow they don’t fight hard enough…

update by SiGi for eSport-Racing.de (February 2019) :

i have removed the large “Shared_Extras” folder from this track to reduce the file size. i have zipped all requried textures from this package to the file “Okayama_shared.gtr” – i tested the track with both variations and I have noticed no differences. The original TRK file is still included if someone wants to use the original Race On shared_extras folder.

Note :

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Version: 0.95
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