Parco del Valentino Turin 1955 v1.1

Parco del Valentino Turin 1955 for GTR2

Parco del Valentino (Turin 1955)

Credits :

Original track created by Ginetto for Grand Prix Legends (see included Readme files)
GTR2 Conversion by LKWFan
revised by BenMK1 (v1.10)

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Parco del Valentino (also known as Valentino Park) is a popular public park in Turin, Italy. It is located along the west bank of the Po river. It covers an area of 500,000m², which makes it Turin’s second largest park (Turin’s largest park, the 840,000m² Pellerina Park, is Italy’s most extended urban green area).

The Parco del Valentino was opened by the city of Turin in 1856, and was Italy’s first public garden.

Several now defunct paved street circuits held races in the park between 1935 and 1954.


Except for the 1948 Italian Grand Prix, the official title for these races was the Gran Premio del Valentino.

change-log by BenMK1 :

fixes and AIW update for Turin 1955 :

update v1.10 :

• New trees, grafic files corrected
• many gabs closed
• Higher LodOut values and full mirror details
• AIW: Pit overworked

fixes :

• New AI dry line (AI is now very fast)
• Groove (Brake marks) integrated
• 36 Pits/Cars
• and other small things

known bugs :

– the pit positions are not perfect

when the race is over, all cars drive into the pit and back on track…

Install :

Copy the folder “Turin1955” in: …\GTR2\GameData\Locations\


thanks for rework permission to LkwFan

Have Fun


Size: 8,1 MB
Version: 1.1
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