Peugeot Proxima 1986 v1.0

Peugeot Proxima 1986 for GTR2

Car built from scratch by Georges Abitbol
(contact : user secarnot on the nogrip forums).

Car Infos :

The Peugeot Proxima is a concept car presented in 1985, it has many futuristic devices such as an onboard computer, solar panels, four wheel directional system and four wheel drive. Powered with a twin-turbo V6 (the good old PRV V6 used in Venturis) wich delivered up to 600Hp. Unfortunately the car never left factory for a real run on roads. It is exposed for visitors to see it in the Peugeot Sochaux’s museum.

Mod Content :

-Peugeot Proxima Concept Car : 4WD car.
-Peugeot Proxima GT : 2WD fictional GT Class car with an additional rear wing.


– the mod is made for DX9 (DX7 and DX8 has just diffuse mapping with no emap)

– the shape of the car is a bit unacurate compared to some pictures available on the net, especially the noose of the car wich is different in some points of view. Anyway I made my best to have the mod looks like the original proxima. It’s hell to work without blueprints !

-the physics are representative of the real Proxima specs but not accurate, it’s first made to be playable with existing GTR2 cars.


Unpack with winrar. Copy the “Gamedata” folder into your GTR2 folder, answer yes if asked for confirmation.The mod does not overwrite any file


Everything is allowed except selling this mod. You can distribute the mod, use it as you want and convert it to any game you want.


Size: 38 MB
Version: 1.0
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