Pineda GP v2.0

Pineda GP for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by RacerM and friendly help from khan1670 and BillBro

Credits :

Original Circuit build from scratch by entrevias for rFactor

Track Infos :

The Pineda Grand Prix Circuit is a fictional, 4471 meters long (2.779 miles) long permanent road course, located in Pineda de Mar, a municipality in the comarca of the Maresme in Catalonia, Spain. Pineda means pine forest, and is a clockwise, very fast track with many elevation changes and 13 turns (8 right, 5 left).

Description :

First of all I want to say that this is one of the most beautiful and skillfully created tracks that I have ever had the pleasure and permission to convert. I want to thank Entrevias for his permission to convert this track from rFactor to GTR2. I have never been one to like fantasy tracks but I must say that no fantasy track that I have ever converted look so real as this one. When I first drove it in Rfactor I knew I had to convert it. After I converted it to personal use I felt obligated to seek him out to share it with all the other GTR2 drivers out there I hope you enjoyed it.

entrevias :

He is the original author of the track, he created the track from scratch. Please read his “ReadMe Pineda rFactor” that is included in the file. If you ever have the chance please send him a pm thanking him for his work. To protect Entrevias and myself from false claims of conversion or creation. I have inserted markers into this track to keep anyone for saying that it is their work. So please don’t lie. You will end up being needlessly publically embarrassed.

RacerM :

I converted the original work from rFactor to GTR2. I converted the AIW and cams to GTR2 specs. I removed all of the collision walls to bring the size and the framerates down to size. Doing that forced me to make all the barrier walls collision points around the whole track. I also work non-stop to change the lighting angles and properties in the GDB and TRK file so that I could reduce the nightlight glow during the daytime as much as possible. I also renamed the lighting bulbs and edited their properties so that they would not showup during the daytime and come on at night.

I also added crowd sounds and announcer sounds to the track. I also added new starting lights. I added a new water model to the track. I also added animated marshals to the track as well as some new tso’s. I created the new LOD for the track.

khan1670 :

I want to thank Khan for his vast AIW knowledge. Thanks to him I was able to learn how to correct the pitspots so that they would work in GTR2. I really appreaciate the time that his has taken to help me; as he has done so many times in the past. If any of you know him you will agree with me.

BillBro :

Billbro did the Starting lights for me and I have used them on this track and another. He is another star of the modding world. BillBro also did the Rain Reflections and added new race grove to the AiW, Thank you BB. Frank BB. did new default LOD screens plus a new track map Icon, thank you.

I you wish to post this file you may do so as long as you don’t change or alter the creation of the file and include the original readmes, please respect all the people that contributed to this track. thank you.



Size: 30 MB
Version: 2.0
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