PRD BMW Z4 GT2 M Coupé v1.0

PRD BMW Z4 GT2 M Coupé for GTR2

Mod created by Andy Doerffer

The basic car (BMW Z4 M Coupé GT) comes from GTR Evolution by SimBin Development Team AB.
I have optimized and adjusted the whole thing, to a GT2 version.
I’m a good fan of the GT2/GTE class, but I think there are just not enough cars.

Things done by me :

• Optimized materials and material settings for better graphics.
• Proper splitter, wing and front diffuser have been built.
• A bit of a different cockpit.
• Created whole new physics for the car, suspension, aerodynamics, dimensions etc.
• New engine and gearbox.
• Bigger tyres with more grip.

I have done a lot of time consuming research of the real BMW Z4 M Coupé GT and did my best to get the car to the standards I like. I searched for everything possible to get the car’s real specs, implemented them into the game and adjusted them to GT2 levels. Also a lot of testing on a many different tracks and development went into this mod, since the idea of it. I expect the needed respect for this mod and don’t want to see any work of mine getting messed up.

The car’s virtual specifications are :

• BMW N52B30 3.25 litre inline 6, 4 valve DOHC
• 485 bhp @ 8200 rpm
• 442 Nm @ 5750 rpm
• A dry weight of 1145 kg.
• Ratios to around 290 kph.
• A rev range from 8400 to 9000 rpm.
• Tire sizes of F: 295/705 x18 and R: 325/705 x18.
• A wheelbase of 2493 mm and a track of F: 1700 mm and R: 1600 mm. The supsension dimensions/positions are fixed, to get them as real as possible.
• A length of 4141 mm, width of 1974 mm and height of 1200 mm.
• Front overhang: 861 mm, rear overhang 786 mm.
• Undertray parameters, which should match the real car by 95% (95% because of the splitter, diffusor and floor changes).

Instructions :

• To use the mod, simply extract the GameData folder to your GTR2 folder and let things be overwritten.
• Make sure that you keep the original folders in the .zip file, to get everything to work properly (diagrams etc.).
• The used sounds are all GTR2 standards with a few .aud file adjustments, so no complicated researches are needed.
• Nothing of any original game content will be overwritten.
• You can find the car in game under Specials -> Bavarians, otherwise simply change the class line.
• In case your machine is not strong enough to handle the 4096x…. .dds files, I recommend to turn off the high-res textures in the graphics menu, or simply delete the ULTRA_TEX.GTR in the car’s folder.
• There is an optional clean version of car #22, if you prefer that one, simply copy the two .GTR files of the folder to BMW Team PRD.
• Templates are included, should explain itself, but if you want to paint a car please only use body style 1 or 2. 3 and 4 have individual masks.

Important :

I am not responsible for any damage or malfunction on your soft- and/or hardware.
You alone are responsible for that and take the risk, if you install this mod.
I don’t want to see any conversion to other games and/or platforms without my permission!
Respect my work and don’t do anything you would regret, if you wouldn’t sit in front of a computer screen.

I do not own any rights on the used logos, all of them belong to their respective owners!
BMW, the BMW logo, the Z4 name, logo and it’s design belong to the BMW AG, Petuelring 130, D-80788 Munich. BMW M and the ///M logo belong to the BMW M GmbH, Daimlerstraße 19, D-85748 Garching.

Thank you for downloading this mod.

© Andy “Scarface” Doerffer / PRD Sim Racing 2014

♠♠♠ Reinhard Macha – * 04.11.1959 † 11.08.1997 ♠♠♠
♠♠♠ Hannelore Doerffer – * 16.11.1929 † 13.12.1999 ♠♠♠
♠♠♠ Werner J. Doerffer – * 26.05.1927 † 04.12.2014 ♠♠♠
♠♠♠ You will never be forgotten. ♠♠♠


Size: 74 MB
Version: 1.0
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