Prototypes SCC 1998-2008 Mod full v2.41

Prototypes SCC 1998-2008 Mod full for GTR2

this is a full working standalone Version including all ALMS, LE MANS and LMES Teams / Skins

Mod created by :

PerfectDark / Serode / Arnage / Po911 / John Borelli / Basukid / CarSkin Design / Waterford / Gaussian Blur / Chris Duncan / LMRT / Pwal / Rdubouil / JJ Vasquez / Gaussian Blur / Sesshomaru / wildman / wildride…and a lot more – please see included ReadMe for more infos.

Official Website

Mod Infos :

Realized starting from the Sport Cars Challenge MOD for F1C of the RSDG team and the LeMans 1999 mod for F1 2001 of the Virtua-LM team. This mod includes only prototypes of 1998 to 2008 years.

All the elements of these cars were reproduced :

– Body, pilot, tires, …
– Physics (suspensions, models of tires, …)
– Engines, limp speeds
– Motecs, lights, backfires,…

It includes all the prototypes of the originals mods with all their addons cars, as well as all the elements you have sent to us (3D models, skins). A total of 364 cars !

It includes the 1999 to 2008 ALMS, Le Mans 1000km 2003, 2004 to 2005 LMES and 2006 to 2008 LMS championships and the Le mans races (1998-2008) without thraxs. You must download the tracks described on the file “Prototypes SCC Tracks.txt” included in the mod.

A lot of cars and skins were added, so a list of the respectives authors is included on the file : “Prototypes SCC Car List.doc”

We have tried to upgrade all these models the best we can.

please see included ReadMe files for detailed Car, Track and Author infos….

Install :

extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your
GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

Car List :

Audi R8
Audi R8R
Acura ARX01a
Acura ARX01b
Bentley Speed 8
Cadillac LMP00
Cadillac LMP01
Cadillac LMP02
Chrysler LMP
Courage C41
Courage C50
Courage C51
Courage C52
Courage C60
Courage C60 Hybrid
Courage C65 (and C65#60)
Courage LC70
Courage LC75
Dallara LMP
DBA4 03S
Dome S101
Ferrari 333SP
Lister LMP
Lola B01-60
Lola B05-40
Lola B2k10
Lola B2k40
Lola B2k42
Lola B98-10
Lola MG EX257
Lola MG EX264
Lola MG EX265
Mercedes CLR
Nasamax DM139
Nissan R391
Panoz GTR1
Panoz GTP
Panoz LMP01
Panoz LMP01 Evo
Panoz LMP07
Pescarolo C60
Pescarolo C60 Hybrid
Pilbeam MP84
Pilbeam MP91
Porsche RS Spyder
Porsche RS Spyder Evo
Protran RS 06H
Reynard 01Q
Reynard 02S
Reynard 2KQ
Riley & Scott mkIIIA
Riley & Scott MkIII Series C
Toyota GT-One
Zytek 04S

Autorisations & Permissions :


1) The authorizations were given by the developers Team RSDG to carry the “Sports Car Challenge for F1C” mod on other platforms.

You can consult them has this address :

The original team was composed by :

Stian Berg
David Chan
Ron Grzesik
Mika Hirvonen
Pieter Hofstra
Börje Johansson
Steven Karlsson
Frank Leitner
Steve Lowry
Steven Kilsdonk

2) The authorizations were given by the developers Team Virtua-LM to carry the “Le Mans 99 for F1 2001” mod on other platforms.

You can consult them has this address :

The team was composed by :

Burger4man Models, Physics, R&D
Danilo AI track files
Padajacaba Models, Physics, File Management, R&D
Poci Paint
Revsect Co-ordination, QC, R&D, AI Files, Paint
Xljunkie Menu Graphics Paint
Zanza Menu Graphics, Paint
Bramzel Paint
Mika 993 A Model and Interior, Tire/Rim Textures
Porscheman Paint
RSDG Viper & 996 Models and Templates
(and thanks to Nugit for his help)

3) A lot of other autorisations given like the one of the FIA GT 1997 (F1C) mod team (thanks a lot AS-GTR and Atomkopf)


You are not authorized to modify whole or part of this MOD without our permission.

More seriously, as asked by the RSDG team (again thanks to them), everybody has the rights to modify the elements of this mod wich comes from the RSDG team. (In all the cases, that would be sympathetic nerve of your share to inform us).

Any modification made later on this MOD will be placed at the disposal of all the community.

For the rest (new 3D models or skins for example), you will have to see with the original authors.

Can you also indicate to us if you give our MOD in dowload, or if you have a link on our site (to have a control on its diffusion).

You use this MOD at your own risks. We are not responsible in the event of problems or of damage.

this MOD cannot be used at commercial purposes.

update by SiGi for (September 2018) :

– created All-In-One Install Package including all Skinpacks


Size: 540 MB
Version: 2.41
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  1. Nenelsimtek

    Mode en chargĂ©, quelqu’un pour faire la Debora, j’ai les templates, idem poiur la WR 2003 je l’ai trouvĂ©e aussi .

    1. bmw328is

      It doesn’t load like other mods. It loads like a new piece of software. You have to open the execute file, and give it permission. The questions are in French, so just remember that.

  2. Nenelsimtek

    The mod don’t download, I try, this server explain 403 Forbidden.

  3. tahzib1451

    will the mercedes CLR fly?

  4. necrojames

    Nice gtr2 mod page, just commenting to report that the links are down.

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