Prototypes Physics Patch v0.9

Prototypes Physics Patch for GTR2

alternative physics patch for Prototypes Mods – created by Area91

This patch is for the JPBS and SCC 1998-2008 Prototypes Mods.

Patch Info :

This patch changes the tyre physics of the LMP cars, it also adjusts the default gears so that the AI can get maximum speed down long straights without hitting the red line revs so easily. There are numerous other physics changes to make what I beleive to be a better experience to these awsesome cars created by JPBS, Perfectdark and Serode.

Install :

Note – make first a backup of your original files to restore it !

To INSTALL make sure that inside the GameDataTeams folder there are two folders called Prototypes and Prototypes SCC. If not then you have either not installed the mods right or need to get one or both these mods.

If all is ok then copy the GameData file and replace the existing one and it will replace all files needed to apply this patch.

Have fun and enjoy!!!

Size: 12 MB
Version: 0.9
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