Race of Champions 2008 v1.0

Race of Champions 2008 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and adjustments by RacerM

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

The Race of Champions (ROC) is an international motorsport event held at the end/start of each year, featuring some of the world’s best racing and rally drivers. It is the only competition in the world where stars from Formula One, World Rally Championship, IndyCar, NASCAR, sportscars and touring cars compete against each other, going head-to-head in identical cars.

The race was first organised in 1988 by former rally driver Michèle Mouton and Fredrik Johnsson, IMP (International Media Productions) President. Originally the event was a competition between the world’s best rally drivers, but has since expanded to include top competitors from most of the world’s premier motorsport disciplines, including motorcycle racing.

The top individual overall in The Race Of Champions is given the title “Champion of Champions”, and receives the Henri Toivonen Memorial trophy. The ROC Nations’ Cup was added in 1999 and now features teams of two drivers who compete for their country.

The event has taken place in several venues, including 12 years on Gran Canaria from 1992 to 2003. More recently, the event has been held in major sporting stadia, including the Stade de France in Paris, Wembley Stadium in London, the Beijing National Stadium, Düsseldorf‘s ESPRIT arena and the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok. In 2014, the event was held at the Bushy Park circuit in Barbados. The 2015 event took place in November at the 2012 Olympic Stadium in London. The 2017 ROC took place in January at Marlins Park in Miami. The 2018 event took place at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The 2019 event was held in January at the Foro Sol in Mexico City, Mexico.

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The SIM Version :

This track was originally created by the Lonely. I attempted to contacted via email thru his site several time and at his blog with no success. I have converted this track without his permission. That being said that means that this track is only for private site use and not public distribution. This track is only for distribution to the sites that I have already disignated. If in the future The Lonely contacts me and rejects the conversion and posting of this track then it will be taken down in accordance with his wishes. The Lonely readme pdf is included in this file and shall not be removed. Nor shall this track be altered in any form.


THE LONELY : He is the author and sole creator of this track for Rfactor which was created from scratch by him please read fully his include original readme that is in the file. Fantastic work and he deserves all the credit.

RACERM : I converted the track from rFactor to GTR2. I added the crowd sounds. I changed the textures to that it could perform in GTR2. I created the LOD Screen.

Since this is an indoor stadium there are no rain reflections of course, lol.

Thank you for downloading this track and please thank the Lonely if you hear or see him for this track. Please do not upload this track to any other site I have already chosen the private sites that I wish to have this track on. thank you.




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Version: 1.0
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One Thought to “Race of Champions 2008 v1.0”

  1. Anders Bricquet

    In ‘theory’ — or at least in ‘hypothesis’ — this track, based on its description and screenshots looked like that it would be a ‘blast’ to drive on. The opposite proved to be true.

    The re-creation of this track was probably very accurately done. Graphics and textures are high quality. Stands are filled with people, though there was no cheering; they were silent. The track itself is extremely short (1 km?) and very, very SLOW and UNEXCITING to drive on.

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