Raleigh Park v1.0

Raleigh Park for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by N2LO


Racer42 over at The Pits for the Original Raleigh Track he spent 2 years making.
Thanks for permission to convert your hard work.
Dave Noonan for 3Dsimed.
Strava for his GTL Groove tool.
Joe03 from Jnsonline.com for teaching me to do my own nightlighting.
The Pits for the tutorial on converting tracks from NR2003 to rFactor.
RacerM for his tutorial on converting tracks from rFactor to GTR2.

Track Infos :

Raleigh Park includes 3 fictional created fun tracks (8 Course, Oval and Alternate), located in Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA.

Features :

* 3 different layouts
* Working Start, Pitin and Pitout lights
* Rain reflections
* Fully working rain line for AI
* Night Lighting
* Flag marshals for the figure 8 layout, no marshalls for the other 2 layouts.
* Each Layout supports 28 car fields and 14 pitstalls

Known Bugs :

– Shadow cast from the cars in the pit area onto the racing surface above
– Race with yellows flags off or you will have a long boring race.
– The AI slows down alot for wrecked traffic
– On the Oval version and the Alternate layout version, It is a very hard left turn off of turn 1 to get into the pits, but you really shouldn’t have to pit on this track as it is very short 7/16 mile unless you get damage.

If you find anything that needs my attention please PM me here at NoGrip or leave me a message in the forums.

Install :

Extract this zip into your GTR2/GameData/Locations folder

Have Fun!




Size: 11 MB
Version: 1.0
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