Remlingrade Hillclimb v1.05

Remlingrade Hillclimb for GTR2

Bergrennen / Hillclimb Remlingrade

Track created by Andre F1-Edition

Track History :

We are located in the Bergisch Land, part of the West German low mountain range, one of the best terrain for national hillclimb races in motorsport. Now the route : The start is located in the valley of the Wupper and via a connecting road, to Remlingrade which was founded in 1183, from there it goes through the county road 6 to the finish in the village Önkfeld. The start is at an altitude of 205 m and the target at an altitude of 356 m.

Construction workers of the track for GTR2 :

Objects and/or textures from Andre F1-Edition, Virtua_LM team, CY-33, Thomas Lächele, Philcout and TheSky, MotorFX, Com8 and the Sketchup Gallery. I’d like to thank all the others I have not listed now, but have stood by me with help and advice.

known bugs :

How could it be otherwise, even here is a problem.
At night some clipping on the track with the front headlights.

Test computer :

The race track was tested and developed on an standard PC with AMD Phenom II 3.2GHz with GeForce GTS 450 at a resolution of 1024 * 768.

Installation :

Please unpack the ZIP file into the GTR2 target directory or rather copy.
!! The track can only be used in the practice mode !!
!! Please check the “private test” option !!

Acknowledgments :

SimBin Studios for the great racing sim GTR2.
Dave Noonan for 3DSIMED.
Bobs Track Builder for this great track-designer-program.

Disclaimer :

I’d developed the race track for GT Legends and I expanded visually and technically for GTR2, PuG3 and rF. The download is only permitted on the websites of and, should be the path where to download differently, notify me. Please Ask whenever changes are made.


Contact :

(c) Jan. 2014


Size: 140 MB
Version: 1.05
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