Renault Clio I Maxi 1995 v1.0

Renault Clio I Maxi 1995 for GTR2

Mod created by Speedster63

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Clio Williams Maxi was a factory evolution of the Clio Williams Gr.A rally car introduced in early 1995 under kit-car rules (Gr.A7K). It was used to represent the brand in various national championships such as the French Rally Championship in France in the hands of Philippe Bugalski and Jean Ragnotti and in Belgium with Bernard Munster. The most notable exterior differences are wider wheel arches to accommodate bigger wheels and wider track, different front and rear bumpers and a carbon fibre rear wing.

Other exterior differences are another bonnet vent for dissipating heat from the engine bay and fuel cap in a different location. The most commonly used rims were Speedline 2012 “Acropoli Due” and Speedline 2010 (used mostly on the front wheels). Rims were made from magnesium and were 16″ or 15″ for gravel and 17″ for tarmac stages.

Suspension (3-way adjustable) was made by Proflex and track was widened to 1590 mm. The Maxi had much thicker anti-roll bars (up to 35 mm for tarmac stages). Hubs were made of aluminium and were bespoke items. Rear beam was also modified with thicker ARB and allowed different camber and toe settings.

Brakes were made by Alcon. Front discs were on aluminium bells and were 332 mm in diameter with 4 pot Alcon calipers. Rear discs were 266 mm in diameter with 2 pot Alcon calipers.

Roll Cage and shell reinforcements were done by Matter France.

The F7R engine was tuned by Sodemo and produced around 250 hp in early evolutions (around 275 hp for last evolutions with a destroked engine). The main difference to the Gr.A car was the use of individual throttle bodies and even wilder cams. Other differences include modified head for improved gas flow and modified block for better cooling. Extremely wild cams with maximum lift up to 15 mm required the use of solid lifters and titanium valves, springs and retainers. Pistons and rods were made by Pankl. Pistons were a forged “slipper” design and rods were forged H section with custom 150 mm length to compensate for different piston compression height. Compression ratio was 12.5:1 and ran on special racing fuel. Exhaust manifold was a 4-2-1 design and was made from Inconel alloy. Clutch was made by AP Racing.

Transmission was either a 6-speed Sadev manual or 6-speed RST Hewland sequential gearbox (7-speed sequential gearbox from the Megane Maxi can be retrofitted, but is not homologated). The Clio Maxi was one of the first, if not the first, rally cars with a sequential gearbox.

The interior featured an instrument panel made by Stack and Magnetti Marelli, seats were made by Sabelt or Sparco. By 1996, when the Clio Williams Maxi’s successor came out (Megane Maxi), 50 cars were made.

More cars were made from kits, and sold direct to the customer.

Mod Description :

The Renault Clio is the next Vehicle in a Series that I have converted from the Game RBR (Richard Burns Rally). The vehicle was built and published by MokuMoku for RBR. Thanks for the permission of MokuMoku, I have the car converted, revised in some points, supplemented with additional parts, and provided to be integrated into a cockpit GTR2. As for his Moku RBR Cars also offers templates for dowload, I had the only expand the new parts, which has facilitated a lot of work.

About the GenStrig some selections are possible. A GenString help you get in the car file of the car.(look “CAR” Files)

As my skills in Painting are not so good i include 7 skins from other skinners. I found the Skins all in WWW for MokuMoku RBR Mod. Thanks Template I hope for some great skin’s to the little Car.

The Renault Clio I Maxi is in GTR2 associated in the Specialclass “FULL” and my Class”World Series by Renault”.

The tests are run in GTR2 well, there have been no problems. i had no “CTD” crashes. For Ambient Sounds you need my “speedster63_main_sound” Folder!!!!

But, still applies to the use of this mod at your own risk! Should you still find a few mistakes, so you can send me an info, or if you can, the error resolve themselves and inform others about the communities.

For use in other games of the car is: Conversions to other games are NOT permitted. The Permission from MokuMoku is only for speedster63.

Since it is on this car is a NON-COMMERCIAL mod, so there’s nothing I Earn, is a Commercial marketing of the mod and all possible conversions prohibited!

Have fun with the car and sorry for my bad english


updates by SiGi for (04.02.2015) :

– reworked left protruding door mirror
– corrected CameraTarget, feet on pedals, Shiftstick and seat-positions in .car files
– small improvments on .aud file
– small improvments on lights (material settings)
– included Basic-Sounds from speedster63 (full standalone version)


Size: 69 MB
Version: 1.0
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