Roskilde Ring 1962 v1.1

Roskilde Ring 1962 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by ZWISS


Original track made for GPL by Anton Norup Sørensen
Conversions to rFactor and GTL also by Anton Norup Sørensen
LOD by die_Locke & FrankyBB

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Roskilde Ring was a motor racing circuit in Roskilde, Denmark. It hosted the Danish Grand Prix between 1960 and 1962, with non-championship Formula One races in the last two years which were won by Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham.

The circuit was opened in 1955 by Businessman Paul Tholstrup as a short 670 meter track, becoming Denmark’s first permanent road circuit. The layout was a banked oval, utilizing the steep sides of the old gravel pit which the circuit was built on. In 1957 the track was extended, using waste land which existed between the circuit and the rail track to the west. This created the still relatively short 1.4 kilometer grand prix circuit. Typical for this circuit, described by Stirling Moss as “a most peculiar raceway”, were the banked corners and the fact that the circuit did not have a real straight. Because the track was built in an old gravel pit it looks like an amphitheater. There was also an elevation of 14 meters (45 feet) and the track was driven anticlockwise.

The Roskilde Ring was located close to the center of Roskilde, with new residential developments surrounding the circuit. Due to the high number of complaints about the noise created, it was closed in 1969. After closing the site was turned into a park. A hotel has been built where the race control tower stood.

more infos and images of the past circuit and how it looks today can be found here

The SIM Version :

Anton Norup Sørensen created this track from scratch for Grand Prix Legends.
He modeled the Roskilde Ring after the 1962 season.
The track was brought to rFactor and GT Legends in 2007 by Norup himself.
This GTL version has been used in GTR2 for a long time, but this is a true conversion, with rain reflection and some AIW fixes.

Some more info about the real track :

Pit / Depot use :

The typical race length was eight laps, perhaps with a twelve laps final, so a pit lane was not considered necessary. In stead, the depot was used as pit, although entry and exit conditions were quite difficult with other cars on the track.

Make sure to check for traffic before exiting ! Unfortunately, the blue traffic warning light is not working. In reality, there was a marshall here, and no light. Always drive in clock-wise direction in the depot. Don’t be confused by the “No entry” signs at the pit exit. These rather misleading signs really were there – maybe to remind the driver to wait for permission to enter the track ?!

Long and Short track layouts :

Only the long track is modelled properly and has support for races and A.I. The short track was hardly ever used after 1957. The Politiken entry turn to the short track was narrowed to make room for the long track, making the short track even less suitable for racing. For these reasons, it did not seem worthwhile to support racing on the short track in this release.



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