Rouen-les-Essarts 1951-1973 v3.0

Rouen-les-Essarts 1951-1973 for GTR2

Rouen-les-Essarts 1951-1973 with Chicane layout

GTR2 Conversion and updates by Neel Jani

Credits :

Original Track created by Virtua_LM for the Prototype-C Mod for F1 Challenge 99-02.

I thank all Virtua_LM members for the sympathetic decision to make their version of the C-Mod Prototype free public. I also thank all those who supported me in this project and the Beta testers Surtees, Trefle & Dams. Thanks also to Greybrad who revised the AIW and Mc Wolf for the flag marshals.

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Rouen-Les-Essarts was a 6.542 km (4.065 mi) motor racing circuit in Orival, near Rouen, France.

From its opening in 1950, Rouen-Les-Essarts was recognized as one of Europe‘s finest circuits, with modern pits, a wide track, and spectator grandstands. The street circuit (which ran on public roads) had a few medium straights, a cobbled hairpin turn (Nouveau Monde) at the southernmost tip, and a few blind corners through a wooded hillside The appeal was greatly enhanced by the climb from Nouveau Monde at 56 metres to Gresil at 149 metres, with gradients over 9%.


Rouen hosted five Formula One French Grand Prix races, the last one in 1968 resulting in the tragic burning death of Jo Schlesser, at the fast downhill Six Frères curve. The circuit continued to host major Formula 2 events until 1978, after which it was used for various French Championships.

The circuit had a number of different configurations. From its construction in 1950 until 1954 it was 5.1 km (3.2 mi) in length. In 1955 major works increased the circuit’s length to 6.542 km (4.065 mi), its most famous configuration. Construction of a new Autoroute across the circuit saw a new section of track built and the length of the circuit reduced to 5.543 km (3.444 mi). Finally, in 1974 a permanent chicane was built at Six Frères and this part of the circuit was renamed Des Roches.

The circuit was closed down in 1994 due to economic and safety reasons, since it is very hard to organise a race on public roads if modern safety standards are to be met. In 1999, following the circuit’s closure all evidence of area’s racing past was demolished, including grandstands, pits, Armco and track signs. The cobbled Nouveau Monde hairpin was also asphalted but it is still possible to drive around on the original circuit configuration.

The name “Les Essarts” comes from a village, which was included into the commune of Grand-Couronne in 1874.

The SIM Version :

The circuit is tested with DirectX7/8.

Maximum number of cars : 36

Note :

Please make no negative comparison on the forums between this version and the one made by Virtua_LM for rFactor ! I do not have the same tools used by Virtua_LM and above all, I do not have their experience. However I am open to any constructive criticism and i am interested in improving this circuit.

change-log :

Version 3.0 :

– fixed night lightning
– corrected and adjusted trees
– new pit lights
– new textures and adjustments for track surroundings
– fixed all advertising logos and flashing
– new horizont (skyboxi)
– added new vehicles arround the track (done by my friend Boblebric)
– revised a lot of textures
– added more objects
– new loading screen (LOD)

Version 2.0 :

– added new Chicane layout
– optimized gmt files and textures
– corrected rain reflections
– added some new 3D objects
– corrected lightning
– reworked flag marshals
– added night lightning

Version 1.0 :

– initial release

Thanks to :

Ladose and Boblebric for testing the circuit
Greybrad and Thierrydu81 for the reworked AIW file
Motorgash9000 for Cams
SimBin for GTR2
Virtua_LM for their version of the Prototype-C Mod (F1-C 99-02)
Adobe for Photoshop CS5
Dave Noonan for SimGarage and 3DSimED

Contact :

Good entertainment,
Neel Jani

ReadMe.txt file created by SiGi for (April 2019).
Original doc files by Neel Jani can be found in the “ReadMe doc Files” folder.



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