Roy Hesketh 2010 v1.0

Roy Hesketh 2010 for GTR2

Roy Hesketh (1951-1981 layout) for GTR2 and Power & Glory Mod

Scratch build by Paul Minnaar

This version of Roy Hesketh is based on era photo’s from the 1950’s to late 1960’s – 1970’s.

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

The Roy Hesketh Circuit was a racing circuit located on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal. It was named after South African racing driver Roy Hesketh, who died in the Second World War. Doug Aldridge, Colin Dove, Ossie Fisher, George Finch and George Shrives got together as a Consortium from Pietermaritzburg in the early nineteen fifties to first build and then maintain and improve the circuit.

Roy Hesketh Circuit.svg

During its period of operation (1953-1981) it hosted rounds of the South African National Drivers Championship, and national Formula Atlantic races. The circuit also hosted the Easter races – a festival of racing over three days. Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene, Kork Ballington, Jim Redman, Paddy Driver, Mike Grant, Rod Gray and Syd Stacy were regular competitors at the circuit as were John Love, Jackie Pretorius, Sam Tingle and Ian Scheckter.

In 1973 the South African government banned all motorsport due to the world oil crisis, the circuit went into decline and finally closed in 1981 after only 28 years.

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Virtual Track Features :

– Era specific 3D Dunlop bridge
– Genuine pit sections, as they were back then
– Access tunnel to infield.
– Load screens for Power & Glory, GT Legends and GTR 2. To use (for eg. Power & Glory), remove the original RoyH_LOD.jpeg and just remove ‘PG’ at the end of the other file name.
– On the inside of Quarry, I have placed a memorial plaque for my father, who’s ashes were sprinkled there – He absolutely loved Roy Hesketh, and you can see why after a few laps there.

Please go take a look.


– Brendon Pywell for Bob’s Track Builder
– Blender Foundation
– Patrick ‘O Brien for the use of his contour data drawing
– Kris Vickers for constant help.
– My brother, Mike Posnot, for aiding in taking photos, track data and elevation data.
– Photos from Dennis Bosman
– My family for there support and historical input.
– and last and by no means least, the RaceDepartment BTB Forums – an amazing source of knowledge.
– xpacks: Old UK advertising xpack – Chub Pearson, Brake marker – by carTOON, Smes – CidJc, Tree Collection – Bob Pritchard (Bobprit),Vegetation – Kytt, Rulers – Eric Tozer, Race trailer – Woodn, Great Britan – jay_p_666


– In the revue mirror, objects appear to be floating with parts of the terrain not rendering.
– Car falls through the ground on Time Trials.
– Menu track map does not show – not sure how to correct that

As this is Beta, there are bound to be a few hassles – I’d like feedback on fixing anything.


Version 0.9 – 17.11.2010 :

– initial release

Pile up those laps, this is a great place to get stuck in. I did over 800 laps during testing and I’m still not bored with it 🙂



Version 1.0 – updated by BenMK1 :

I have made a fix for the Track v0.9 from Paul Minnaar

fixed :

• Converting .jpg and .png grafic to .DDS
• 33 Dynamic Shadows -> Static, only 1 is Dynamic, the most ShadowReceiver=True delete
• TA64.gmt – TA105.gmt delete (not visible), TA17.gmt + TA18.gmt small correcting
• Visgroups deactivate and many LodOut higher, so nothing is poping in/out and close any gap
• Underground material, so car not fall in nothing, when reset the car.
• Near PitIn a red Mustang (8.8 MB sitze), and in Pit tool trolley with 9.3 MB sitze. In .trk you found on end of file. When you have fps problem, deactivated this.
• AIW: PaceCar, Timetrial, small corrections groove an AI speed values

known issue :

– On any position you see shadwos in tarmac, without object.

Credits :

thanks to Paul Minnaar for this track and permission to update it

Have Fun




Size: 70 MB
Version: 1.0
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